• Walmart open on thanksgiving

    Yes I do think that Walmart should be open on Thanksgiving day. First of all why should it not be open. People need to work if they to make money. Just because people want to spend thanksgiving with their familys eating does not mean that all of the people do. Maybe they want to go shopping at walmart.

  • Yes they should

    They claim to be all about the associate. But this will be my 8th year working this day my daughter is 8 I have never spent a thanksgiving with her. With all the online sale you would think they could at least not start the in store sales until Friday morning

  • Free Market. Should they close on Ramadan?

    If you are asking me as if I were some sore or deciding body on whether stores should close for TG (like a police government or something), then I would say that I don't care, leave it up to the CEO of his company. If you were asking me as the CEO, I would ask my employees, and see if enough people were willing/wanting to work on TG , especially for extra pay, and make my decision based on that. If you were asking me as a person who wants/needs that extra pay, then why the hell not? Who are you (anyone) to say that someone shouldn't/can't be open/work on a Holiday, the National Religious Holiday Observance police? Heil !

  • All Retailers Should Stay Closed

    I believe that Thanksgiving is a day we should give thanks to God for the many blessings we have in our lives and I believe that all retailers should close their doors on Thanksgiving day. Besides, do you think the CEO, President of Wal-Mart, the Board of Directors, Vice President of Department and District Managers are going to show up to their office or help out at a store on Thanksgiving? They will all be at home enjoy their Thanksgiving with their Family and Friends while the employees who are the backbone to the company are forced to show up to work because if you say you can't work on Thanksgiving, you risk get fired from the job,

  • No, they shouldn't

    Walmart should let their employees at least have part of the day off. If they at least closed part time, or made sure that they let people have time off to spend Thanksgiving then that would be better. We all know walmart will probably be open on Thanksgiving for at least most of the day

  • Walmart should close it's doors on Thanksgiving.

    Walmart does not need to be open on Thanksgiving day. Walmart employees deserve time off to be with their families and enjoy the holiday. I doubt that the sales generated on this one day are going make or break the entire holiday retail season for Walmart. Therefore, Walmart should show some goodwill toward their employees and remain closed on Thanksgiving.

  • Walmart should be closed on Thanksgiving day

    I believe Walmart should be closed on thanksgiving day to give its staff the opportunity to celebrate this occasion. Thanksgiving day is an important occasion and is primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest. Thanksgiving day has been a tradition which been celebrated for many years.

  • Should be closed

    I think that Walmart should be closed on Thanksgiving if not they should let the Employees that want to go home and stay home With their families but instead Walmart wants to force them to work they have these so-called black out months where you can’t request any days off so you’re stuck at work and not with your family. All Walmart wants to say is let’s make money and not care about there Employees

  • It’s all about MONEY to Walmart

    It’s sad that Walmart takes down the Halloween decorations and immediately puts up Christmas decorations. They don’t put up decorations to celebrate Thanksgiving because apparently it’s just a money making day to them. Sam Walton would be turning over in his grave if he knew how greedy and corrupt Walmart is now. They should be closed on Thanksgiving so employees can spend time with their families. I’m scheduled to work Thanksgiving but will be with my family instead. Take that Walmart!

  • They need to be closed!

    If we stop shopping on thanksgiving. . They will see that we don’t care about the gimmicks they have going. And what’s really important to us on this day. . Because they taking away memories from our family. . I believe it will continue as long as we allow it. . They can have they Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving but all they care about is trying to beat the next store. . So until we realize what’s more important to us they will continue. . I say let’s stop shopping on thanksgiving and spend that time with family while we can!

  • Strong Families = Strong Society

    Workers should be encouraged to spend the holiday meant for reflecting on being thankful for the things we have with their friends and families. Part of the problem with today's society is the familial disconnect felt across all income groups and ethnicities. Let families have a little time together, and for that matter, what are people doing shopping that day in the first place???

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