Should Walmart being paying their workers a livable wage?

Asked by: NaziLovingOtaku
  • All Retailers Need To Pay A Living Wage

    I believe all retailers need to pay their employees a living wage, especially if they workers is a part-time employee. After all, employees are the backbone to the company. They are the ones who are sacrificing their evenings, weekends and holidays when corporate employees get this time off from work and do a majority of the interaction with customers and yet, you have corporate employees making millions of dollars when you have minimum wage employees who struggle to pay their bills and put food on the table and gasoline in their gas tank.

  • No, like it or not.

    Nobody said that the minimum wage needed to make you self-sustainable. Why should a fifteen year old high-school dropout be getting paid as much the same amount as a twenty year old man fresh out of college? I sure wouldn't enjoy it if the mouth-breather smoking half the day away at B-Bops is getting paid just as much as I am, giving the amount of work I do in physical labor for my lowly wage.

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