• Workers should be allowed to unionize without fear of losing their jobs.

    Walmart will and has closed stores due to union activity that would have led to a unionized workforce, Claiming to be other issues why they closed the stores. Walmart claims to be not against the unions, But pro associate. They say that grass roots and the open door policy is much better than having a union rep bring forth your problems in the workplace. They say you shouldn't use your hard earned money pay for someone else to represent you. The problem is, They don't listen to the associates anymore, Grass roots doesn't work and the open door policy is going to put a big X on your back as someone to keep an eye on cause you can be trouble. Walmart has big anti union lawyers in their home office that are quick to be on the scene at the drop of a hat of someone whispering union. That is dangerous for the associates. It's more than damage control, It's all about control and controlling the associates and the fear factor of losing their jobs. They like to keep taking things away from the associates without giving anything back. A union would negotiate a contract that would be give and take, So hopefully both parties would benefit. Many associates lost alot of accrued sick time a few years ago and walmart tried to say you didn't lose it, You just can't use it for yourself, It has to be someone else in your family that needs your care. They don't tell you that you have to jump through hoops to get to be able to use it, Having a 3rd party company that works for walmart that can deny or approve that leave of absence to take care of a loved one. A union could dispute this 3rd party company's verdicts and question their authority on medical issues. Granted, I know, Walmart has no intention of ever letting a union get into their stores, Or Sam's Club's or warehouses of any kind. They will close up shop and build elsewhere. In order to unionize, Associates would need to organize with multiple stores in their area and state and even nearby states to prevent a closure of stores in just one area. It would be hard to close 50-100 stores and 4-5 warehouses in a region and justify it as they are "losing money" or they need "upgrades or remodels". This would cause the labor relations board to pretty much put a union in place in all stores and warehouses without a vote. I can only hope that this comes to fruition.

  • Allowed to? Yes.

    Recommended? No.

    If you asked your child what they want to do when they grow up, and they say "I want to work at Wal-Mart!" Be honest, would you feel proud of them? Would you brag to your neighbors about how your child is training so hard to be a cart-pusher?

    90% of Wal-Mart positions are meant to be transitional ones, not permanent careers. The high turn-over keeps wages low, which keeps product costs low.

    If they are not happy with the wages that they agreed to when they took the job, and they feel like they are worth so much more, then they shouldn't have a problem finding another employer that DOES recognize their market value.

    My opinion comes from the fact that I have worked at walmart. For 3 years. Then I moved on. During that time, I saw what most "workers" typically do in a "work" day at Wal-Mart.

  • Yes, all employees should have the right to unionize.

    I fully support unions and believe that they play a critical role in protecting workers rights. Walmart employees desperately need a union to fight for them. They are generally very underpaid and do not receive sufficient healthcare or benefits. Walmart is doing everything to stop a union because it doesn't want to pay fair wages.

  • All Workers Should have the Right to Unionize

    WalMart employees should be be allowed to unionize. WalMart is notoriously known as an organization that underpays and mistreats its employees. Those employees should have the right to better their jobs and livelihood by unionizing to better protect their rights and benefits of working for one of the largest businesses in the world.

  • Yes, Walmart employees should be able to protect their interests by forming unions

    Yes, WalMart employees should be allowed to unionize. Unions protect employees from exploitation and unfair treatment by employers. The bargaining power gained by unionization gives employees leverage that would not be possible on an individual basis. This leverage can be used to improve working conditions and benefits. While unions may be detrimental to Walmart's profit, the well-being of Walmart employees is worth the cost.

  • Not everyone wants to join

    WalMart employees shouldn't be allowed to unionize, because the unions are terrible to people that don't want to join them. A person should have a right to decide whether to join an association or not, but the unions don't give people a choice. For that reason, they shouldn't be allowed anywhere. They aren't good for WalMart, who employs a lot of people with disabilities.

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