Should Walmart focus more on its online business and less on its brick-and-mortar stores?

  • If wal mart wants to be competitive it needs to compete with amazon.

    Right now brick and mortar stores are losing profits to the retail giant amazon. Right now simply due to logistics amazon is able to offer you a product at a very reasonable price, and wal'marts prices are going to slowly climb due to higher wages and regulations appearing in china, and in order to compete must create an online infrastructure similar to amazon.

  • Yes, The future is defiantly online.

    Yes, The future is defiantly online. I think Walmart needs to manage their online presence much better. There are many people getting on the Internet all the time today. If Walmart does not do a good job online then they will be lest behind no mater how good the prices.

  • Need to buy in person.

    Wal Mart will never be able to compete with Amazon, because Amazon can do so much discounting by using independent sellers. But there are some things that you want to touch before you buy them, like groceries, bedding, etc. For that reason, Wal Mart should focus on things they sell live, like groceries and other needs.

  • Walmart online buisness

    No I do not that Walmart should focus more on its online business. Many people love still love shopping in person and many people also do not have access to the Internet and do not know anything about shopping online. The Walmart stores off low prices and a convenient one stop trip to getting every they need.

  • No, Walmart should not focus more on its online business.

    Walmart's focus should be on striking a balance between its online business and its brick-and-mortar stores, rather than focusing more on its online business. While undoubtedly online business has been and will continue to drive sales, there is much still to be said for brick-and-mortar stores. If people need an item fast, they can not afford to wait for an item to ship. Additionally, ship-to-store options that are now available necessitate the existence of brick-and-mortar stores, where customers may continue to shop after picking up their items that were ordered online.

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