• Walmart needs to embrace ecommerce

    Walmart was that go in get a smiley sticker store for awhile. Now you are greeted with a disgruntled senior who has run out of stickers. Guess what Walmart, it's time to fine tune your website and join the rest of the world. If it means saving what Sam Walton built, do it fast!

  • Nope, let Walmart die.

    Walmart has made a ton of money through cheap products and low labor costs. This creates a chaotic in store experience and eventually it was going to catch up to the big chain. Walmart has often had a perception problem and this perception has continue to occur. Nothing can save them now.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I think it would be very hard for them to try and beat Amazon at its own game. I think they should stick to what they know with retail stores and try and make them more appealing for consumers. I think switching to an e-commerce system will hurt their business and they will fail faster

  • Wasn't Aware Walmart Needed Saving

    I don't think Walmart needs to switch completely to e-commerce to save the company, although I also don't think Walmart needs saving. I hadn't hear that their finances were in trouble in any way. I do enjoy being able to shop online with Walmart, so I agree that incorporating e-commerce into their offering is a bonus, but there are some things that you still need an actual brick-and-mortars store to buy, such as groceries, last minute items, things that can't wait for shipping, plus things you need to try on to fit properly.

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