• I swear, some are practically treated like slaves.

    From what I've heard about how Walmart employees have been treated, some can barely survive on what they've been given. Not surprising considering that companies have a tendency to do whatever saves them more money (how else could they afford to keep everything cheap than misuse their workers?)
    If they would just improve how they treat their employees life will be a lot better for them, and for others as well.

  • Better employees, better business

    Walmart is not horribly abusive to their associates, but they are not overly kind, either. When employees are treated with respect and kindness, they are happier and better workers, which in turn increases business for them. This is especially true for people who make the goods sold at Walmart, since that can be a very bad situation outside of US government regulation.

  • Together for a better world

    Employees are the pillar of a company. without them, there is no business. In order for a company to thrive, it is essential for the employees to be treated fairly and respectfully. Walmart is making a lot of profit. Part of it should be used to improve the treatment of the employees.

  • Every company should.

    I am unaware of how Walmart treats its employees. From my experience as a customer, the employees do not seem to happy, but I always thought it was because Walmart does not pay a lot. But I do believe every company has room for improvement when it comes to treating well its employees, and rewarding their hard work fairly. Having said that,

  • So, I've worked at Wal-Mart..

    Three of them to be exact. One near the Mexican-American Border, one in a nice town of 9,000 people, and one in big city Mesa, AZ. The workers are not treated as good as they would be if they were doing what I'm doing now, which is teaching, but they get compensated and treated more than adequately for the level of contribution that they provide to society.

    When I make comments like these, people tend to mistake what I say as some sort of discriminatory comment, as if people who work at WalMart are their own ethnicity or something... The truth is, companies like Wal-Mart rely heavily on high employee turnover. That's how they can keep their wages low, and thusly, their cost to the consumer also stays low. It is meant to be a transitional job. Those that do move up the proverbial "ladder" at Wal-Mart do, in fact, enjoy quite healthy benefits. Department Managers, for example, get lengthy vacation times. Assistant store managers are salaried, and get sick and personal days on top of their vacations, plus quarterly bonuses on store performance basis. But no one was ever meant to be a career cart pusher, or career cashier, or career truck receiver.

    In my personal experience, I have occupied the following positions: cart-pusher, Inventory Control Specialist (shelf-stocker), receiving (unloading giant ovens; uh I mean trucks), dairy, produce, fabric, housewares, and Department Manager of Toys. Employees who complain about their wages (in my experience) look like this on an 8 hour shift: 1st hour-hit break room and put on smock for 45 minutes, 2nd hour-find a fellow employee in the hall and complain about wages, 3rd hour-stock a shelf or two, whilst complaining about wages, 4th, 5th, and 6th hour- lunch...(I wish I were kidding), 7th hour- maybe stock another shelve, whilst complaining, 8th hour- spent in the break room taking off their smock.

    Don't believe me? Next time you go to walmart, count how many associates you see on the floor. There should be at least one for every department and a minimum of three general store managers. (There are over 50 departments) This does not include cashiers, stockmen, receivers, and deli/bakery/produce workers. Granted some Walmarts are better than others, but having worked their, I can honestly say that I believe the majority of those workers are paid too much and treated too well for what they put into their job. Anyways, that's just my personal $0.02.

  • Walmart treats its employees just fine

    The question "Should Walmart treat its employees better?" presumes that the company does not treat its employees good. Walmart hires many people that other companies would never hire. Seriously, how many stores pay people to say "hello?" What is considered poor treatment is in the eye of the beholder. Walmart employees have regularly stated that they like the company. Look at the agenda of the complainer to get some real insight into this. Most of the complainers don't even work there.

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