• War should be televised, because of how disconnected people are from it.

    There is hardly any evidence that our country is even in a war. If people do not see evidence of war taking place, it is much easier to be in denial about it. If war was televised people might put in a lot more effort to end the war, and to help our soldiers out there.

  • War should not be televised. It is far too violent for the average American viewer to witness.

    Televising war would be a terrible idea. If people go to war and come back with post-traumatic stress disorder, imagine what effect that would have on them, seeing that on television. As a military wife, I definitely think it's a terrible idea. I mean, I think war in general is terrible. And I don't think the American public could handle what they'd see.

    Posted by: Qu4ntBenj
  • War should be televised because people need to see the truth and not be exposed to lies by the media.

    Most wars aren't televised. It's a shame that so many counts of war crime is being handled confidentially and later released to the public years later. This should not be happening. If war was televised, more people will see the atrocities that military people commit and how war destroys lives. If the media shows only what is happening exactly in the war zone, people won't have very many differing opinions.

    Posted by: TownDonald
  • Show the reality to help people understand what war really means.

    In a democracy, information is currency. The taxpaying public needs to know where their money is being spent, in war just as in peace. And when people see the actual reality of warfare they'll probably be less likely to vote for those who support it without very specific reasons. Our age is a 'show me' age - technology has advanced to the point where it is relatively easy to get TV cameras almost anywhere. This capability should be used.

    Posted by: laceymarya
  • War should be televised so that the people making and/or supporting that war see how terrible and devastating it is to other living creatures.

    The televised terror of the Vietnam war was the primary motivator for the anti-war movement in America. When the people of a warring country see crimes committed in their name, they rise up against the government causing those crimes. I believe televised images are just more powerful than still images.

    Posted by: TigerFaber
  • War should be televised in all its gore in order to change the minds of the people from violence.

    War should be televised, especially the casualties, so that people understand how destructive it is. Also, by showing these things, people will begin to understand that violence begets violence and when the enemy turns the tables and commits violence against them in their own communities, this rule will become clearer to them. War doesn't really solve anything, it just puts off agreements that can be made earlier if countries weren't so self-centered.

    Posted by: Nik0Interior
  • War should be televised because showing the reality of it is likely to make it far less likely.

    The civil war in the United States was the first photographed war, and it changed the nature of war. The actual image of war, especially when released from the trap of a moment and allowed to move, should teach more people about what is going on. A lot of my family were on the losing sides of wars. Fewer ad fewer people have a direct-one-person link to conflict, have met someone who has fought in one or been the conquest of one. Televising war could change that.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • War should be televised because it helps the population realize what is actually happening.

    Through the televisation of war, the common population is able to witness the actual events of it. This then allows them to more accurately form an opinion of if the war is necessary or not. The televisation of war allows for the people to understand what their tax dollars are going towards, rather than simply trusting the government.

    Posted by: 5h4ngSer
  • War should be televised to show the viewers that being in another country fighting for what is right is a very dangerous job.

    I believe that war should indeed be televised to show the viewers how life in a different country can mean so little. Many people think that war is a big joke and that everyone comes home safe, but the reality is that many people lose their minds during war and the aftermath of their body is devastating. People die trying to fight for what is right and once the viewers see the true roots behind war, they will gain a sense of respect for the many who are in war.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • It keeps everything up to view of the audience

    Despite the dulling after years of war, people must at the least get the right to view the war experience as best as they can to get an idea of the burden that is being placed on the people. Or at the least to "honor" their brethren in far off lands.

    Posted by: Bear
  • War should not be Televised

    Imagine waking you eat breakfast you want to watch TV then as soon as you turn it on you see devastating bombings in Syria and Iran guess what You also see some bloody and dead bodies. Wouldn't that make you feel sick. If you think there is something OK about that there is something wrong with you. Imagine someone in war from your family died and just looking at dead soldiers wouldnt that remind you of them. Plus you know how everybody loves cute toddlers or babies well little cute babies also pass away during war and bombings so don'tv be surprised. So I am suggesting as soon as you see something disgusting or some dead people change the channel because looking at this stuff can cause MEDICAL HEALTH ISSUES. Bye how you are convinced. REMEMBER Make the right decision

  • War should not be televised.

    There are many movies and documentaries about war, and the terrible things that might happen. If war was televised, the terrible things that happen will be there for the whole world to see. Do you really want innocent children flipping through channels to find a major war on television? Allowing them to see how horrible and gruesome war can be.

  • War should not be televised;

    It may open our eyes to the full horrors of war and the affect which country's issues cause. Showing war on television and social media could also result in the younger children of this generation viewing images which can be upsetting. War photography makes the majority us feel dejected, despondent or downcast. These graphic images which surround our online activity, encapsulates a lachrymose emotion.

  • War should not be televised;

    It may open our eyes to the full horrors of war and the affect which country's issues cause. Showing war on television and social media could also result in the younger children of this generation viewing images which can be upsetting. War photography makes the majority us feel dejected, despondent or downcast. These graphic images which surround our online activity, encapsulates a lachrymose emotion.

  • No war should not be televised.

    Sure I understand that many people want to know exactly what is going on during a war, and that is very understandable. However, having war conflict televised will only create controversy and argument along with protests in America and other places that are contributing in the conflict. Its just far to troublesome for a lot of people and the government. I am not a big fan of the government but the less trouble we give them the less they will bother us.

  • War should not be televised

    Heavy exposure to violent media can be a risk factor for violent behavior. Children should not have a risk of becoming violent, just because of a show, or news reel. We should not be doing this to children.Children being exposed to violence can do terrible things that can easily be prevented.

  • Graphic images of blood, guts and gore should not be televised in front of children and adults.

    War should not be televised, because people will be able to see the technologies that the U.S. Military is using. People and terrorists will then be able to leak that information to other countries who we are at war with or who greatly dislike us. Also, blood and gore is not good for people under age who watch the news. People can also go psycho and kill people, because hey might think that they are reenacting a seen they saw on the TV. An example of that is the Colorado shooting. The man was a straight A student, and had a degree in neuroscience.

  • War should not be put on television

    War should not be televised for a number of reasons. One of these is quite obvious, war is much too violent for people to watch. It is too violent for our soldiers to partake in but thats just the way it is. Another reason that war should not be put out to the public is that the methods/tactics used by the military are sometimes confidential, and could be shown to the enemy. People on the other side of the argument are all making the same argument, "People need to see the truth," that is invalid because sometimes ignorance is bliss. This means that some of the things we dont know will not hurt us. I believe that its better for us not to know about some of the things that happen, because not everything should be exploited.

  • As much as I would love to watch a real war battle, there is a problem, you need real film people to get you the footage.

    Most people say it should not be televised because it is too gory or something stupid like that but a real good reason is that you cannot get footage without someone on the front lines wielding a camera. I understand that some people may want to watch the battles so they can see how their family member is doing or to get our citizens involved and interested in international conflicts. The problem is, you would need many film crews on the battle field to risk their lives to get you the footage. You have to consider that this is not trench warfare anymore. Now the battles are either in cities or desert where you expect very close combat and bombs dropping. Then you consider that the film crews would be in the way of the soldiers, they would be distracting, they need food and supplies too, and transportation. The soldiers would have to worry about their own teams and the film crew's safety. Maybe the soldiers would not even want any of it to be televised no matter how much the folks back home want to see it. All citizens do anything way is focus on the unimportant parts and try to place blame. I would love to see what they really do during a real battle but I think we can live without it, and continue to live in the country we fought for and try to make it a better place so when they come back home, they will feel at home without lame economic problems on their plate.

  • No, I do not believe that war should ever be televised; it is too gruesome!

    War is not something people should watch. It is a gruesome act. Children are forced in certain countries to be armed and go into battle. This is horrible and sad! Innocent men, women and children are all killed, sometimes in a very bloody manner. No American civilian needs to see the horrors of war. Could it be a reality check to see what our soldiers face daily? Yes, but it is still not a televisable situation.

    Posted by: PossibleDorsey44

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