Should war be televised: Would televising war benefit families of soldiers?

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  • No it should not!!!!

    The reason I say this is because the government could change it to say what they want you to hear but not the truth! Like how the government doesn't tell you the real reason we still have troops stationed in Iraq is because we want their oil. Also they don't tell you that we didn't truly try to make peace witch the Indians! We deceived and killed them!

  • Televised Wars Would Be Torture For Soldiers Family

    Given the violence always prevalent in war, having wars televised would in no way benefit the families of soldiers. Most of these families hide the truth of war from their children. I believe televising wars is a perfectly good idea so that all of the world can understand what wars are about and how they are progressing, but it wouldn't benefit the families of soldiers.

  • Televising war would not be beneficial.

    I think it is a horrible idea to televise war and would not benefit soldiers or their family's. Soldier's families do not even want to think about the horrible things that their loved one goes through, so seeing it would be a million times worse. They do not want to think about all the negative and hard times their loved one goes through, they only want to think about the positives and them coming home safe. I would never want to see someone I love on tv going through tough and dangerous situations while I am on my couch feeling sad and helpless, wishing I could help my loved one but being miles away and not being able to do anything about it.

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