• In Our Country

    I guess the opposition's argument is it is to costly to hold every war criminal on trial. That is why war should only be used as a last resort. War is to costly period. Even though some people think that is how we get richer and more powerful by always being at war. War criminals who are brought to this country should have their day in court too. Our intelligence agencies are not right 100 percent of the time.

  • Yes, war criminals should be put on trial.

    War criminals should definitely be put on trial. It doesn't matter whether atrocities are commited during or away from a war. If a person acts outside of the rules, then the law should be able to prevail regarding such matters. I think people who act like war criminals should be prosecuted.

  • Yes, if it's the custom.

    It's not always going to work for war criminals to be put on trial, as we saw with the case of Osama bin Laden. But when a person can be apprehended alive, such as how Saddam Hussein was, it makes sense to have a full trial and to show the world the proof of the atrocities that the person has committed.

  • Criminals should be tried for there crimes.

    Criminals of any sort should be put on trial. War criminals are often the most violent criminals. They are often people in a position of power during a war and commit war crimes. War crimes are some of the worst crimes that mankind faces. War criminals and the crimes they commit have the ability to be extremely heinous. War is also a confusing time. To determine whether the criminal committed the crime and the severity of the crime, the criminal should stand trial.

  • League of Arabs

    We shall rise again from the ashes to burn and destroy your cities all shall fall before the nation of islam i will fight to my last breath because al queda give me discount card all hail allah all hail discount card ALLAH YOU JEWS ALLah booooooo yah ka sha

  • No, death is too far

    No, the death penalty is not justified. Death is the end of life. Even if a criminal eventually decided to turn over a new leaf, he couldn't because he is dead. Nobody, even for the worst of crimes deserves death. If you have a man who murders 100 people, will taking his one life make it better? No, it won't. It won't decrease the hurt of the families who have lost their treasured ones. It is not going to make things suddenly better

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