• Minimum wage needs to be increased

    A increasing number of employees working at warehouse and supermarket jobs are trying to cover living expenses by working more than one job. These types of jobs offer less than full time positions and an employee is not able to support themselves without an increase in the minimum wage. It would help the economy as well as the employee to get a higher wage and be able to spend more.

  • Yes, warehouses and supermarkets should increase minimum wage.

    Yes, warehouses and supermarkets should increase minimum wage. It is obvious that today's minimum wage isn't enough to live on. Minimum wage increases have not kept up with inflation at all. Minimum wage should at least be able to pay someone's bills and food costs. Company's like Costco pay their people enough and their profits are fine.

  • Minimum wage has not increased for way too long

    Yes, the minimum wage should absolutely be increased. The whole idea behind the minimum wage is that it's supposed to be the minimum that someone could earn and still be able to support themselves and any children they have. Well inflation has increased at crazy rates for many years, yet minimum wage has stayed the same. It is no longer possible for someone to meet even basic expenses if they're making minimum wage, so this really needs to be fixed.

  • We Should Not Raise the Minimum Wage

    Raising the minimum wage has been a topic of argument forever. The problem with raising minimum wage to absurd amounts such as $15/hour is unrealistic and quite frankly impossible. Medics who work to save lives in ambulances, if lucky make $15/hour. Flipping a burger or stocking shelves is a job for high school or college students. It is not a job to create a living wage to support a family. Raising minimum wage will just result in an increase in prices. It is simple economics.

  • It's basic economics.

    We all want more money, it can never be enough. The problem arises as firms (the groups the hire people) have to pay people more they lay worker off. A business exists solely to make as much money as possible, that is the reason people go into business or get a job. If minimum wage is raised then business have raised costs too and must raise prices of services and products. Even business that pay well above minimum wage would be affected. Their workers would be unhappy that they are earning minimum wage and will want more. Also the majority of people at minimum wage are young or minors and such do not have the same expenses as an adult. When you are living at home your parents cover your vital costs. The raise of minimum wage would just raise their spending money. Which sounds good but if demand goes up then so does price, that is how economics works. Minimum wage when increased has never created job in fact if you look at a graph of unemployment versus minimum wage, each time minimum wage increases so does unemployment. The raising of minimum wage is great if you keep your job but not for those who lose it. Also keeping minimum wage low incentivizes workers to work harder, seek further training, or obtain a higher level of education to earn better wages. Overall raising minimum wage looks great at first but in the long run is detrimental to the majority.

  • Keep the minimum wage lower.

    Keep the minimum wage lower, or at least do not raise it much. Raising the minimum wage will only make the cost of goods and services rise for everyone else. In addition, it will drive companies to leave the USA for countries where there are more lax labor laws, or the cost of labor is cheaper.

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