Should Warren Sapp be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

  • Yes, he should.

    Despite having his fair share of antics both on and off the field while in the National Football League, Warren Sapp has shown himself over the years to be a great player. He was a force to be reckoned with, and should have a spot waiting for him in the Hall.

  • Sapp Deserves It

    Warren Sapp definitely deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was the best player at his position for many years and had a great career. Sapp has multiple Pro Bowl appearances and helped the Tampa Bay Bucs win a Championship back in the day. Sapp deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

  • Talked his way in

    HOF??Boy, they let anyone in nowadays. He was good, but not great. He could never carry a team. His MOUTH on the other hand was HOF eligible. Ok 96 sacks gets you into the hall? Mediocre players that play on a decent line can now make the hall. Losing it's luster.

  • Give me a break...

    Warren Sapp needs to become less of a legend in his own mind...He does not even come close to HOF material. His mouth should be HOF eligible, but he just has NEVER shown enough athletic talent or capacity as a lineman that would qualify him for serious consideration into the HOF.

  • No, he was not that great.

    Warren Sapp was a football player who was great at entertaining people. He was also very skilled at finding himself in the headlines for misbehaving in one way or another. I do not think that he was actually a very good football player, and because of this he should not be in the hall of fame.

  • No, he should not, due to his off field antics.

    While Warren Sapp was an impressive player during his time in the National Football League, it is safe to say that his off the field antics have detracted from his accomplishments as a player. He is not the caliber of excellence that allows for induction into the hall of fame.

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