• Yes, Washington should block the pipeline

    The keystone pipeline was created as a way to transport oil from Canada to the U.S.A. And to end reliance on Foreign (middle eastern) oil exporters. But the fact remains that the Keystone pipeline is a serious environmental threat. Half a million gallons of oil pumping through the pipe every day also indicates the possibility of half a million barrels of spilled oil. This could destroy the streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources it passes by. Cleaning this up will not only be costly, but it will also be a detriment to the homes around the area and the wildlife. The time that it takes to clean the land could kill many animals in the area. Also, for middle eastern countries whose economies depend on the oil export will be harmed. These countries will therefore be harmed by more poverty. The result of poverty will create an ineffective government (because they have no funds) which will impoverish the whole nation while also creating a good terrorist breeding ground.
    So essentially, while taking ourselves out of the unstable middle east, we are making the middle east more unstable therefore creating a larger problem when we look at this from a different position.

  • The pipeline is beneficial to us all.

    I personally think that we should have the Keystone pipeline. The benefits far outweigh the negatives in my mind. I don't think it is as bad for the environment as they try to make it out to be, and I think that it could really help us reduce our need for foreign oil.

  • No.

    Washington has no bearings, and no real right or reason to attempt to stop the Keystone pipeline. This largely remains a states' rights issue, and as a result, each state should be allowed to come up with their own decision based on facts and how it would help or hurt each individual state.

  • Washington should not be involved with the Keystone pipeline

    Going through Washington is not the way that the Keystone pipeline should be dealt with. Instead we should have each state vote on whether or not to allow the pipeline to be built in their state. Thus, the only way for a pipeline to be built in the United States is for it to be approved by all states that are to be involved, otherwise it sits and waits.

  • No, Washington shouldn't block a needed pipeline.

    Washington has no business blocking the Keystone pipeline. Even if it was bad for the environment (it isn't), even if it was not helpful for the oil prices (it is), it should be a state issue, decided upon by every state that it would run through.
    Pipelines are only bad for the environment if they rupture or are broken, and why would the company want oil to flow out of their pipeline?
    There are those who say that the pipeline wouldn't help lower oil prices here, which is incorrect, seeing as how a lot of new oil would be allowed into the marketplace, and as commodity prices are largely supply and demand, their argument is also incorrect.
    If DC wants to help the little guy, if DC wants to help create jobs (even just temporary ones), then DC has no business blocking the pipeline.

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