Should Washington D.C. demand public hearings on the NSA controversy?

Asked by: Gaerteuth
  • Americans Did Not Agree To This

    From my understanding the operations of the NSA are strictly run under the executive orders produced by our now acting president, Barack Obama. I believe the actions of the NSA have seriously sullied the reputation of the United States and as a result we have lost the respect of many of allies. As an American citizen I am also very concerned about my privacy and the fact that the government breaches it on a daily basis. I believe we should have public hearings about the NSA.

  • NSA Has Overstepped Its Bounds

    The NSA, even more secretive than the CIA, FBI and Secret Service combined, should have public hearings on Capitol Hill to explain why in the heck they spy on ordinary Americans. The war on terror is over, guys! Osama bin Laden isn't getting any deader! The NSA's spying program clearly isn't effective because the Boston Marathon bombings occurred despite the comprehensive spying program. So, yeah, the American people want answers because the NSA is funded by taxpayers. The Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves if they knew this was going on.

  • Yes and no.

    I think it would be interesting to have a public hearing on the NSA controversy, but part of me thinks it will just be in vein. Trying an intelligence agency in front of the public probably means that they will simply lie to the public for the sake of security of the country.

  • NSA Controversy Deserves Public Hearings

    Congress needs to demand public hearings on the National Security Agency and its controversies revealed by Edward Snowden. The likelihood of such hearings are fairly low, but the American people deserve to know what the government is doing spying on its own citizens. If the government can't show concrete proof of crimes being stopped, then the programs need to be abolished.

  • Washington, D.C. should demand public hearings on the NSA controversy.

    Washington, D.C. should demand public hearings on the NSA controversy. This has shaken the base of American government. Innocent Americans are being spied on, and that is ridiculous. The government needs to investigate why this happened, and it should be in a public manner. Every one should know what truly happened.

  • The Public's Demands Should be Met

    The public has already demanded that Washington D.C. hold hearings regarding the NSA's unconstitutional spying on every single American. As our elected representatives, it is Washington D.C.'s duty to act according to the will of the people and hold more hearings to not only hold people accountable for their criminal acts, but to end the unconstitutional practices running rampant.

  • But reform is needed

    Honestly, as not one who is a conspiracy theorist (or particularly paranoid), I don't believe that the NSA is looking inward in order to 'get' any random citizen, even if they could, just due to the backlash it would create, if nothing else. Still, the infrastructure and precedents set could be very important down the line, and a hard look into the laws but be undertaken.

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