Should Washington focus its spending cuts on the military?

  • Military Expenditure is Out of Control

    The average American doesn't understand why we are involved in numerous covert wars around the globe. They appear to be wars of business waged for the profit of a few. I do not support using the American military in this way. They should be reserved for real and immediate threats to our nation, not killing for profit or ideology.

  • Scale Down Global War Spending

    The government should not cut military spending with in our own country, but it would help tremendously if they would cut spending to keep us "posted" in other countries. The only purpose of is being there is to stake our power and to help other countries develop diplomacy. Neither of these are necessary and unless we are there for terrorist actions against our own country, we are not needed.

  • Cut The Military Budget

    The military budget in the United States is so inefficient. It is full of funding that the Pentagon didn't ask for and doesn't need. A big portion of the military budget involves law makers giving their buddies in the military industrial complex favors and contracts that are usually not worth the money put it. So, yes, Washington needs to cut that budget.

  • Yes, The Military Budget is Bloated

    The U.S. government is going broke and we obviously need to cut spending. Our military budget has spiraled out of control and is billions of dollars overweight. Even the Pentagon has issued statements saying that they don't need all the money given to them. So instead of cutting valuable programs for the needy, we should cut the military budget.

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