Should Washington's Football Team Change Its Name?

  • It is time to stop sitting back and let this name go unchanged.

    The Washington Redskins was founded by a man who grounded his principles in racism, so naturally the name is an extension of that prejudiced frame of mind, and should be changed. It is the 21st century and its time to stop making excuses for racist and prejudicial institutions. It is entirely possible to keep the logo but change the name, as it is a derogatory term for Native Americans and has become a household name. It is imperative that we not only address such issues, but take the necessary steps to make complete racial equality the norm.

  • We are in the 21st Century

    The Washington Redskins should have to change their team name. I understand that not everyone finds the name racially offensive, but it is not fair to those that do. Gone are the days when we can simply do something and think that we can get away with it. Everything is so heavily monitored nowadays, that one tiny mistake can make or ruin your reputation. The Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, has tried multiple scenarios to slew the angry wave of protesters and keep his reputation in tact. For example, he got an “Indian chief” to tell people that he was okay with the name. It turns out that the man portrayed to be an Indian chief was a fraud, and ultimately, Snyder’s attempt to persuade people in his favor was unsuccessful. We are living a heavily diverse society and cannot continue to hold onto ancient symbols that discriminate against one another.

  • Change the name, Its already Races

    I hear that the red skins are considering changing there name to the black skins. The name is races and if we changed it, it would be even more races. If you had red or black skin and you heard boo to the red skins you would feel terrible and want to move out of this country and say that we are a terrible country.

  • No Need for 'Redskins' Moniker At All

    There is no need for the "Redskins" moniker whatsoever in the nation's capital. Why not have the Kansas City Caucasians or the Baltimore Blacks? Simple--those names are distasteful at best, discriminatory at worst. What's even more disgusting is that the federal government drove many Native Americans off their land and put them on reservations in the name of "manifest destiny." So we honor that tradition by naming the NFL team in the nation's capital after someone's skin color? That's not the way to go.

  • The negative connotation of Native Americans is offensive.

    The negative connotation in a name such as "Redskins" is outdated and offensive. Furthermore, the use of it knowing that Native Americans do not approve is insensitive and disrespectful. Washington should lead the revolution of doing away with the negative connotation of Native Americans through the use of derogatory terms and rename its team.

  • There are bigger things to worry about in the NFL

    As a football fan, I believe a lot in the history and the integrity of the game. I feel that the NfL should not force the Redskins to change their name or the Redskins change their name on their own. Think of all the history just being thrown into the toilet if you throw away one of the most popular team’s name in the NFL. If gotten rid off, the name would just be used as shame, not the glory the team has had or the players associated with that. If people want the name “Redskins” to be changed, why not change the names of teams such as the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, The Florida State Seminoles, etc. Even the name “Oklahoma” means “red people”. How are all of these names ignored but Redskins is so easy to target? Either way, the NFL is still going to generate money. The $45 billion company is still going to make money of the team, as the Redskins are still the third most valuable team in the league according to Forbes. With the image of the NFL already hurting, they need to look at bigger things such as assaults, concussions, and drug testing. There are more important things the NFL needs to focus on, and with the team still going to generate money, they should just let it cool off and focus on the health of the people who make them their money... The players.

  • Quick to overreact

    There are many other professional sports teams with names based off Native Americans. If the Redskins are forced to change their name, shouldn’t teams like the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cleveland Indians be also? In this case, there is no clear line to be drawn on which nicknames are simply names, versus crossing over into offensive racial slurs. For example, it is now considered politically incorrect to refer to Native Americans as “Indians,” yet Cleveland’s MLB baseball team is not facing any controversy. This decision will set a precedent for how the government deals with other publicly marketed, possibly offensive names in the future, so it is important that in our haste to be racially sensitive, we do not overreach and overreact to this issue. If the Redskins are forced to change their name, not only many teams, but also many businesses, will have to change their names and marketing strategies in order to be legally consistent.

  • It is not meant to be offensive, it is just tradition

    I do not think that the Washington Redskins should have to change their team name. When the team was named it was not named with the intent to hurt anyone. While I understand that intent does not necessarily matter if it is hurting someone I still believe that it is an acceptable name. It is tradition. Changing the name will only bring more politics into sports than already exist in sports. There should not be politics in sports in the first place. If the Redskins change their team name that will only open the gates for any group to change names as well.

  • Name is identity.

    A name is a name, it is our form of identity without the team name, which is now known worldwide because they have always had it, it causes the team to lose their identity. The name was not given as an insult or they would not proudly hold on to it.

  • Its been like that forever.

    Since 1937 they have been the Washington Redskins and in our society now everyone is offended by something. It is not very offensive what so ever. The name if anything is complimenting native Americans calling them brave or warriors on the battlefield. It is not like they just came up with the name but the fact that it has been there for 1937 is a tradition.

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