• Yes, they should do this

    Especially if it is hot or humid and you need to stay hydrated in that type of stuff. Sometimes people even drink water more than others (like myself), and if I exercise without water on hand, I will chug at least half or even more of my water. So yes, they should allow water.

  • Yes they should.

    It is very important to drink water and keep hydrated while exercising, and to be honest... The water fountains in high school are DISGUSTING. Water bottles are much more hygienic, are less likely to transmit diseases, and will help remind teens to stay hydrated while exercising and throughout the day.

  • It is important!

    Wow, you would think that even after all the second grade lectures we got of how we always need to stay hydrated, P.E would allow water when students have to go outside in 100+ degree weather. Aren't they even concerned with people who easily faint? Water is very important, especially when you are being active. It's ridiculous that students have to run miles around tracks and if you even dare to bring a bottle with you, you get scolded. I am actually quite use to it as of now, but it would be a nice addition. It makes me wonder why they allow water in classes and provide it during state testing but not when you have to walk around during heat advisories!

  • No they shouldnt

    How dare children think they desereve the right to stay hydrated they should die of dehydration and fatigue, water encourages bullying, water makes kids take drugs and 100% of all murderers and pscyhopaths have admitted to drinking water. Water is the reason behind all murderers and water should be banned

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