• Save the Forests!

    We need air. We get air from trees. Without air, we can't breath. And if we can't breath, we'll die. STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES FOR STUPID PLASTIC! There is no need for plastic. We have WOOD! WOOD I TELL YOU! We can make bottles out of wood. Oh, never mind :)

  • They are bad to the invirment.

    Plastic water bottles are very bad to the inviroment and can couse siknes by melted plastic.Platic water botles disterb the earth. Most plastic water bottles end up floteing 10000000000 miles out at see. But no one picks them up and it causes polution. Now peaple can get sick or can get poluted

  • Water bottles should be banned.

    Water bottles are a waste of resources. People could just as easily drink from reusable thermoses or flasks. The waste from water bottle sales has been shown to cause severe pollution in rivers and seas. Beverage companies are exploiting the market to produce an unnecessary product. People should refuse to buy bottled water in the future.

  • Ruining our planet

    Until we can figure out a more effective way to recycle all of the plastic water bottles I feel like they should be done away with. Not only is the plastic harmful to the environment when not properly disposed of(Which it usually is not) it has been linked to many health issues when ingested.

  • Should plastic bottles be banned

    Yes They should be banned because they cause 70% more air pollution and 50% more water pollution. The amount of plastic bottles we make can reach the moon and back 10 times! And can cover all of the stars in the milky way. It also cost more money than making glass bottles. Also tap water is more refined than bottled water. Come people join me in saving the world and ban plastic bottles.

  • Because they pollute the earth

    People burn plastic water bottles and the fumes go into the air and pollute our world. They can create global warming to. Also if the plastic water bottles are left in heat the chemicals seap into your water and you can die. That is why i think they should be banned.

  • The health of animals ecosystems.

    Many people do not realize how much time it takes for plastic to decompose and how much of our plastic use ends up in the ocean's ecosystem. If we do not cut back on our plastic usage and waste the ecosystems will continue to get worse causing the death of so many animals and could even drive some species to the point of extinction.

  • Ban Bottles plz

    Bc plastic bottles are a waste of our earths recources. . .

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  • Ban the bottle

    Bottled water only requires weekly testing while tap water has multiple daily tests, Making it far safer. Antimony, Which can leach from plastic PET bottles into the water within, Causes nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Higher blood cholesterol, And low blood sugar. Communities living close to PET factories (where plastic bottles are manufactured) suffer from increased levels of chronic illness and birth defects. In fact, In corpus Christi, Texas where the US’s largest PET factory is located, Birth defects are 84% higher than the state average.
    They are detrimental to the environment. It took 17 million barrels of crude oil to produce enough plastic for bottles of water consumed by Americans in 2006, Enough to fuel 1. 3 million cars or power 190, 000 homes for a year. The manufacture of water bottles releases 2. 5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually which contributes greatly to pollution They are made entirely of PET plastics which break down into smaller fragments that absorb toxins which pollute our waterways, Soil, And sicken animals we eat.
    Bottled water can cost between 400 and 2000 times more than tap water

  • Tap Water Contains Unhealthy Minerals

    Tap water contains unhealthy minerals that are filtered out of bottled water. Especially in even bad towns, tap water is polluted. Bottled water is a safer way of drinking water, and lots of bottled water also has added healthy vitamins and minerals that are needed for our bodies to work.

  • Why Pay for Water

    Companies have made millions of dollars marketing water for its purity. Some companies even bottle local tap water and sell it to customers as preserved water. If people are naive enough to drink bottled water, they should bear the consequences and deal with whatever medical problems the plastic will cause them after 50 years of ingestion.

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  • Water Bottles are safe

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  • More clean and safe

    We shouldn't ban plastic bottles because they are much cleaner and safer than the tab water due to the purification, And all the other tests they go through before they sell them. But the tab water didn't go through any purification so people who drink them might go through severe illnesses

  • Yes they should be banned

    Bottled water is dangerous you dont know where the water has is can lead to lead poisoning and im pretty sure that nobody wants to be poisoned and be sent to a hospital. Also, when they are threw out it takes them a long time to dissolve away and it bad

  • Bottles should not be banned

    By keeping bottles you can recycle them and make other things so the bottle is not wasted. Yes, there is a chance of polluting but if everyone helps out by cleaning up and recycling we can make bottles have a use rather than just throwing them into a lake, ocean, or stream

  • We shouldn't ban bottled water because homeless people would have nothing to drink.

    If we ban bottled water and then in the winter they turn off the water fountains people on the street would have nothing to drink bottled water my be bad for the environment but think about how it might effect other people. Also it's cheap and is good if there is a natural disaster.

  • No plastic water bottles

    I do not think plastic water bottles should be banned because we use them so much we might not find a substitute for them and how would we go to the store and buy metal bottles full of water in like 48 packs that would have a outrageous price tag.

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