• Lifestyle is a better Indicator.

    Grouping people into economic groups is as accurate as grouping by skin colour- broad similarities that dissipate at the individual level.
    The idea that somehow similar income equals similar outlook is probably the stupidest, most perverse ideology to ever grip the West.
    It barely functioned in the Industrial Era; in modern society it is simply an absurd anachronism.

  • Yes, but it's impossible.

    The only way one can stop dividing people by class is by ending inequity between classes. Which is not, in my opinion, ever going to happen. Class has existed for nearly the entirety of human history as a method of hierarchy and as one of honour. It isn't going away any time soon, I'm afraid to say.

  • Yes, we should.

    I'm sure class can and does change people, because your socio-economic conditions and way of life in general can actually restructure your brain and change your way of thinking. But, I do not think we should use class as a definition. It's pretty digusting at a fundamental level, when you think about it.

  • We should abandon class as a way of defining individuals.

    We should abandon class as a way of defining individuals. The economy is so bad right now that there really is not that much difference between the classes anyway. Being poor or middle class has such a fine line anymore that we should just do away with the system of class.

  • No, but I wish

    I wish that it was that easy. I wish that we could just stop defining each other based on superficial things like class. But the truth is, we are all human. Even animals have some sort of hierarchy within thei cultures. It is just our nature to find some way to differentiate each other.

  • No, class is important

    I think class is the best way to group people in the current state of the nation. Factors such as race and religion are no longer good ways of grouping individuals as the lines have blurred in recent years. I think socio-economic levels are the best way to judge what people have in common.

  • It's Not Possible

    I think it is easy to say that we should abandon class as a way of defining individuals, but I think that feat is impossible. In my time living in a larger city it was obvious that the students at an ivy league college near my private college where of a different social class. We can't change what is the undeniable truth. People born with silver spoons in their mouth are not likely to be like a person who grows up in poverty. Class differences are real and they're troubling, but they can't be erased so easily.

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