• Maybe years down the road but not soon.

    We should not in anyway continue the use of nuclear power until protective measures are perfected. The damage just a few "plants gone wrong" has done is devastating. I understand its benefit but we are not ready to utilize this technology without danger yet and it has become painfully obvious. If one more incident like Fukushima happens we can kiss our planet goodbye.

  • I think that we should abandon nuclear power.

    I think that we should abandon nuclear power. The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima should
    have shown how dangerous nuclear power can be.
    It is too powerful of a weapon for us to ever use. It could eliminate all life on planet
    earth. Also, the explosion of nuclear
    reactors shows that nuclear power is unstable and unsafe.

  • I think so.

    I think that using nuclear power can have severe consequences. Although meltdowns may be uncommon, when they do happen, they cause immense devastation. The clean up is expensive and complicated and doesn't completely clean any area of radiation. The health risks are very high and it harms both humans and wildlife. I believe we should pursue different methods of making energy.

  • Failsafes fail, backups fail, we react ...

    We built the existing world reactors without fully understanding how we would decommission them at end of life. They produce waste that remains toxic for so long, future generations may not even recognise the 'radioactive' or 'biohazard' symbols! When natural events occur - the plants are at risk, worse case scenarios can become reality, we react as best as we can. Does the nuclear industry really know what it is doing, long term? Or is it all about quick fixes (building the reactors) and responses - when theoretical backup contingencies have failed. I think the nuclear industry is behaving unethically and will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

  • Yes, we should abandon nuclear power after Fukushima.

    Yes, I believe that we should abandon nuclear power after Fukushima. The world watched as Fukushima became the worst nuclear disaster in the world, surpassing the Chernobyl disaster over 30 years ago. Countries should realize that although nuclear power could be a boon to the future, especially when fossil fuels start to run out, it is simply not worth it. The disaster in Fukushima proves this.

  • It will be a crisis without Nuclear Power.

    If you believe that nuclear power is going to end the world, let me give you another thought to ponder about, once coal and fossil fuels run out, and there is no more high output power sources, the world will end anyway. There is only so much energy hydro and wind can give us.

  • Fukushima was bad, but nuclear overall is really good.

    Fukushima produced such a problem due to the poor planning and placement of the plant, but was not so bad for humanity to dismiss the incredible benefits nuclear power has to offer. Zero greenhouse emissions, amazingly high efficiency (energy recovery), and high output are enough to sell me on nuclear power. And with the recent developments like nuclear plants employing technology to prevent meltdown and thorium reactors drastically reducing waste, nuclear power sounds like the power we need.

  • We have only a limited amount of fossil fuel. There are not much left. In order to avoid catrophe, we need nuclear power.

    The price of oil have been rising sharply for these years, which suggest there are not enough oil left compared to the explosive increase of our consumption with economic development of emerging countries.

    Without using energy, now we are not even unable to maintain our lives. We need to pursue alternative energy sources including nuclear power and renewable energies in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuel. Otherwise, catastrophe would be caused in near future.

  • No, it was an accident.

    No, we should not abandon nuclear power after Fukushima, because nuclear power is still very valuable. What happened in Fukushima was an accident, and it is rare. Experts have taken steps to make sure that it does not happen again. In the meantime, nuclear power is very valuable and inexpensive to produce. No system is perfect, but we still need nuclear power.

  • Exception not the rule

    Fukushima was the exception, not the rule. People believe that nuclear reactors are rare in the US and countries other than former Soviet countries, even though this isn't the case - people would be surprised how many plants there are in the US, with the vast majority of them never having serious incidents.

  • Nuclear Power Should Not Be Banned

    No, the usage of nuclear power should not be banned, even after the disaster at Fukushima. While that disaster was tragic, nuclear power is still by and large one of the safest electricity generation methods presently known to humankind. To do away with nuclear power entirely would force humanity to rely even more on fossil fuels.

  • We should not abandon nuclear power after Fukushima

    We should not abandon nuclear power after the accident/meltdown at Fukushima. There should be more oversight and more care taken with nuclear power but to abandon a power source when there is an accident instead of fixing the problems as they arise is a good way to stop progress. Hopefully this event will inspire others to create new power sources and make improvements to the ones we have been using.

  • Should we abandon oil/gas after the Ocean Ranger, the Exxon Valdez, the BP deepwater horizon, the Arabian gulf spill during the gulf war, etc?

    Our consumption of oil and gas has caused far great damage and death to both human and animal life than Nuclear power. Coal, oil and gas is leading the way towards Global warming. Next generation nuclear power plants have the potential to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and provide clean, safe energy. If you listen to the media you get both extreme sides of the story depending on which network you are watching, but I believe the future of mankind depends on finding cleaner energy sources in order to avoid climate change.

  • We should phase out current nuclear reactors for Thorium reactors.

    Thorium reactors cannot melt down and produce about 3% of the waste which is much safer to store.

    Fukushima is a very concerning situation, I personally will cut way down on seafood - if I eat it all. If the general public decides to do this as well it will devastate the fishing industry in the Pacific. I feel terrible for Japan if this thing gets out of control.

  • Still a case for nuclear power.

    No, there is still a very good case to be made for nuclear power. While the disaster at Fukushima was a tragic event, there will always be tragedies when building something with an inherent risk, but the benefits that nuclear power bring can far outweigh the risks associated with the event.

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