• It is infuritating

    Ever work so hard just to see a large fraction of go to the government, Who spends your hard earned money for frivolous things? The government does not manage money wisely, To be frank it never has. Income tax makes it easier to become impoverish. Also, It takes hard earned money from honest people who work hard. You might as well just throw that fraction of money away because that way you at least know it will be managed better than the govornment

  • It is a burden on the economy

    If we abolish the individual income tax then we would put at least 10% more money in the hands of American's which would then be spent on goods and services which would create more goods and services which would mean more Jobs which means higher wages which means more spending which means more Jobs which means higher wages and so on and so fourth

  • We should, No i'm not arguing for anarchy

    Most of our U. S history we've been living with no income taxes because there wasn't a huge demand from the government for unlimited spending. Take a good look at how our government spends our money, Illegal NSA spying, EPA, FBI, Millitary troops around the world. Back then we didn't have a government with so many bureaucracy's. We had a proper sized government and we we're able to get by with thing's like sales taxes or import taxes because there wasn't a need to raise so much money for police, Firefighters, And basic public services, We also didn't have such a big demand for welfare or programs like obamacare.

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