• It should be either outlawed or legally non-binding

    A) Marriage cannot regulate commitment and it doesn't mandate it, either in sexual or any other way. Marriage, in its current form, is a legal contract that mandates the way the property will be handled and it follows Soviet model of property split with no fault divorce and equal split of assets without regards on how much assets were owned by either party or how much did any side contribute in terms of earnings, expenses, or other non-monetary work. It is the only contract which doesn't bind any party to do anything else, people aren't expected to follow their vows given in front of hundreds of people and verified by a state official with plenty of evidence to confirm their consent, extensive legal checks and joint preparations before and after marriage. Your state will strictly enforce the monetary aspect upon marital dissolution, many men and women were robbed their money, courts simply follow the law which essentially transfers property from more affluent to less affluent individual.

    B) Automatic presumption of paternity. Many men are fooled to be legally liable over children who weren't their own, even though they barely saw them because they separated or divorced within a year or two. Even if the fraud is exposed beyond a short period, nothing will change and the man will still be forced to pay, no sanctions are imposed upon the woman who fooled him. Marriage is invented to impose obligation upon a man to be responsible over a woman he married and her children which were presumed to be his. This norm demanded sexual fidelity on married woman's part. Every other norm was the invention of religion in attempt to further restrict activities perceived as dangerous for society's stability. We don't punish anyone for extramarital sex now, such practice exists only in the most rigid third world countries.

    C) Expenses with divorce. While marriage ceremony can be justified by personal choice, divorce costs are forced upon both parties when one of them wants to divorce. Many couples will have courts and lawyers take every penny out of their pockets, some will be forced to sell their own homes. Divorce will be the final stage of about half of all marriages and marriages are the result of stable unions among couples who usually marry because of tradition and because they think that they won't divorce. Why even engage into an institution with such failure rate when there are no benefits other than the ones that our state creates through possible incentives? Why do you need or want third party determining anything? And why would anyone even want to differ married from unmarried couples? With all that on your mind, you cannot deny that marriage should be gone and nobody should give a damn that it faded away, it became a burden to society and personal relationships, it's a relic of an ancient past and people marry out of sense of duty or perception that it's the 'logical step' in their relationship.

  • Marriage is not love

    Marriage does not mean love. Marriage is a social-economic and religious tradition that was invented to control people of both sexes, but especially women (particullary back in the old days). Weddings are also just a very narcissistic excuse to throw an expensive party where either the bride, the groom or both just want to be the center of the attention. Love is supposed to be intimate and personal, not a public event. Marriage is not a sign of true love either. True love is about sacrifices and completion of one another during the time when two people are together, not some "promise" they give each other in front of a lawyer/priest etc and with hundreds of witnesses.

  • We should abolish marriage.

    We should abolish marriage. There is nothing wrong with wanting to commit to another person for the rest of our lives. However, besides the ceremony where is the benefit in traditional marriage anymore? I think anything that allows the government to control is just a bad idea. Plus I just want to hear Walter on Jeff Dunham break the bad/good news to his wife. Honey, we have a problem, get out.

  • Marriage is a Sacrament. It should not be business of the state.

    Why should all taxpayers fund a registry of who is sleeping with whom? Especially when some of them do not even have an access to it in many countries (e. G. Gays or people of undesired religious preferences). People who feel the urge to have their union validated by an authority can create this authority and fund it themselves (e. G. The church). Legal relationships between two individuals can normally also be governed by other legal means than a marriage.

  • Marriage is for women not men.

    With the rise of feminism, The Metoo Movement, Biased Court against divorced men where they lose all of their hard earned property and children, Where society is becoming more Gynocentric by day. It is important to ban marriage, If feminism says that marriage is slavery to women and that they are strong and independent that they don't need men, Well then lets start by getting rid of archaic institutions such as marriage.

  • Yes it is evil.

    Do not force us to marry. Abolish this. We did not ask for this nor do we want it. Placing this archaic system on us is unwarranted. Why force us culturally to complete these outdated and foolish rituals? Why is marriage a good thing? Why do we need it? Simply we don't.

  • Yes it should be

    Yes it should definitely be banned or abolished. Marriage has no place in today's modern world. It is a practiced enforced by religion and society so that it can have control over the people. Marriage is definitely not a natural thing and we can see that most animals do not mate for life.

  • Marriage must end!

    It has taken far too long for the regressive United States government to take a stand on this issue. Hopefully one day we will finally be Communist and we can focus our energies on the Collective, Rather than on individuals. We can all learn something from the way China runs things.

  • Marriage creates unnessacary responsbilty

    The marriage can create numroues problem like argument domestic violenceand taking care of someones mistake for whole life who dosent give damn care for whole life she lives on our resources like a parasite it help in controlling world population we should condem marriage and live alone like lone wolf

  • End Marriage between Fish and Bicycles

    A marriage between a fish and a bicycle does not make sense. And, forcing a bicycle to pay alimony to a fish is absurd. Both the fish and the bicycles should avoid marriage. Unfortunately, the bicycles will be driven to marriage, and therefore, marriage should be abolish to provide safety for both the fish and the bicycles.

  • No, And I am horrified by these responses.

    No, Not at all. This is a ridiculous question, And the fact that around 90% of the responses say "yes" is horrifying.

    Marriage is a good thing, Not sure why in today's day and age it is trendy/cool to think otherwise. Two people, Hopefully a man and a woman, Come together, Take vows to one another, And start a family together. This way a mother can stay home (if she wants) to take care of her child, The husband can work a job and make money that belongs to BOTH of them, Not just the husband. The other responses are stupid.

  • We should not abolish marriage.

    Marriage is the union of two people who love each other with all of their being. It is a sacred tradition that has been past down for thousands of years. It produces stable families and gives children the necessary foundation and support they build off of. If people don't want to get married, they don't have to. It should never be forced onto someone. That being said, those who do not like the concept of marriage should not try get rid of it or force their opinions down other people's throats.

  • How would someone know who their father is 20 years from now if everyone had sex without marriage

    If a man meets a woman and she fells pregnant after a week. That man leaves her for another women in the same town and she too gets pregnant. First one delivers a boy, the second delivers a girl. 20yrs later both children meet and make love. Sad for all

  • Of course not. That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard

    First of all, I will say that the word "abolish" is out of place here. When you abolish things, you make them illegal, you ban them or maybe you tax them so heavily that they cease to exist. In democracies, you won't be able to abolish marriages because you won't be allowed to do so by the people and their elected representatives in parliament. I think what the opposition meant was "discouraged" or something similar in lieu of "abolished"
    Why do people marry? Young minds will say sex and children but that's not it. We marry because of companionship. Now you have friends galore by your side but the day is not distant when you will be middle aged . Your friends will still be your friends but no one will have time to meet frequently and socialize. You will make new friends in life and again you will part ways. It is in those times that you will require companionship( not sympathy mind you) and your spouse will be able to give it as she or he will know you like no one else knows you. In return, you have to provide your spouse the same care and attention of course.
    People say that marriage causes divorces but what is the real issue here..Is it the growing statistic of divorces or is it happiness? Husbands beat up their wives,Wives nag their husbands etc. But is marriage some kind of lasso which encircles you and makes a good man beat up his wife?Surely not. Those flaws were always present in the particular spouse but were not noticed because he or she did not live with someone 24 hours/day. You can't blame marriage for that.
    I'm all for living together. But after 2-3 years,marry and give your progeny the right to be your lawful heir. Again people say that look around you -so many married people are unhappy, chances are that I will be unhappy too. To that my answer will be if you have to find out how to be happy in life from watching other people around you, chances are that you will be unhappy whatever you choose to do.
    Finally there are those who say that majority of people are unhappy after marriage and therefore they must be right. Not true! Do you know what sexual activity the majority of people in the world practice the most? It is not heterosexual and nor it is homosexual. It is masturbation.
    Have a good day.

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