Should we abolish the 19th amendment? (it gives women right)

Asked by: condad420
  • Abolish women's rights

    Wohman suc. They are entitled whores who f**k around and don't do anything for society. The reason why they don't anything for society is that they are not meant to work in the same way as men. They are meant to stay in the home and have children. That is their biological role, And it is what they are good at. Giving them rights undermines the female role in society and leaves the country in question vulnerable to hysteria and fearmongering due to the inherently emotional nature of women.

  • Women like men.

    Because Women like men this makes them GAY! Because of this they should have no rights. This means abolishing the nineteenth amendment. As the genius Qui-Gon-Jen once said "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. " He was obviously talking about both Gungans and the female species. Women do not deserve rights.

  • Only for federalist sake

    Contrary to popular belief The 19 amendment to the United States constitution does not actually give women the right to vote what it does is stop states and localities from stopping you from voting based on sex so all repealing it would do is allow states to stop a woman voting because she is not a man or vise versa of course both men and women should be allowed to vote but states should have a say in who votes in their election

  • Yes but No

    We should abolish it because when they say men, They mean humankind so they already have rights. But we shouldn't abolish it in the sense that without it, We wouldn't have rights. We would have them even if it was abolished but symbolically, Because of men like you, No, It shouldn't be.

  • Women's rights are human rights.

    Independent women should be allowed to vote. Married women should vote in accordance with their husband's will as he is head of the household. A good man will not force his wife to vote his way and will allow her to vote whomever she pleases. However, A woman will yield to her husband's authority and follow his lead, While graciously explaining why she thinks her husband should vote for someone else.

  • Come on, Really?

    I mean why wouldn't you want woman to have rights? The US managed to achieve the goal of woman's rights and you just want to get rid of it?

    I mean if you believe that we should not give woman rights then you're sexist. Woman should deserve the same rights that men deserve, And their's no reason that they should deserve less.

  • This is the dumbest question ever

    The fact that you are even suggesting that we should debate wether women don't deserve rights is sexist in itself.

    I don't know if in your opinion you would vote as no in this in question but it is still really stupid that you even consider this a serious question

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emilygf52 says2021-01-10T09:18:09.583
I would vote no, But I read the second point in the yes column and I need to do more research.

If we get rid of the right to not let any polling stations and your state stop you from voting, Things could turn bad if we get a strong government who doesn't like women's rights. However, I think since everyone agrees women's rights are human rights, Everyone is going to be allowed to vote.

I think everyone above the age of 18 except people who committed severe crimes should be allowed to vote. It helps decide what society should do. Obviously when women vote there will be a lot more Democrat votes because of media influence, But it's our right. I just think women need to be more informed.
trehtujik says2021-09-01T23:03:46.670
Why does debate. Org allow so many "arguments" that are just hate speech? I think Debate. Org should do a better job at getting rid of hate speech. I do not mean getting political opinions that are perceived as hateful but still backed up with evidence and reason removed. I mean that they should be better at removing content that says hateful things that give no evidence to back up their claims, Use inflammatory language, And adds nothing to the conversation, Removed. And I have seen way too much of the latter.

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