Should we abolish the Civil Rights Act? Black people have been a menace to society.

  • Black people are a waste of sperm

    Black people waste our welfare support
    They don't pick cotton anymore so they don't have jobs.
    KFC is being overwhelmed by these niggas
    Everyone can swim if we abort every black child.
    They're only run fast because the slow ones are in jail.
    They're illiterate so they can't argue back so I win this debate

  • It hasn’t worked

    Given the level of discrimination in this country against white folks and Christians right now, There is a a double standard being held, And if the laws are not going to be enforced equally, Then they need not exist.
    Secondly, As a buisness owner, I should have the right to decide who I hire, And what characeristics are important to me when hiring people. If I want to hire a specific type of people that should be my choice. The beautiful thing about a free market society is if enough consumers disagree with my buisness practices they can not by my product and i won’t be in buisness for long.

  • Oh come man

    Did nobody look at Detroit, That what happens when you let's blacks equal rights. There no but KFC and Kool aid. Plus black people waste government support on their shoes. Their only useful in jail, Doing forced prison labor. Cuz we all know their too lazy to do it themselves.

  • God created all men equal.

    The Civil Rights Act was a triumph of God, Validifying Scripture's message that we are all made in God's image. No one is a waste of sperm. The problem with black communities is that they are still suffering from the impact and legacy of slavery. Part of it is their culture, Too. The more ghetto members of the black community need to stop shunning education and articulate speech as "acting white" so we can eliminate the IQ gap between whites and blacks. The IQ gap is not based on genetics but Social factors.

  • You gotta be kidding me.

    Jesus christ, This is just racist. I cannot believe that people are actually voting yes. Everyone is equal, And you believing that the act that freed millions of whipped, Beaten, And abused slaves should be abolished just says who you are as a human being. Please contemplate your life choices.

  • We are all worthy of judgement.

    You desire to abolish the Civil Rights Act, Just for bearing witness to the unpalatable consequences of the acts of a certain few?

    Why refrain members of other races from being included into your cause of miseries pervading the confines of your society as well?

    And the last time i checked, It's not just certain members of the Negroid race that found themselves residing in the USA, Is it?

    The USA is a multi-ethnic, Multi-religious and multi-racial potpourri. We behold the presence of the members of the Caucasian and Mongolian race as well.

    This evinces a provoked thought. If blacks are, According to you, A cause of our moral decadence prevailing throughout our societal aspects that serve to define the intricacies of the framework we call our society, Then members of other races ought to be held in contempt as well, For maintaining a stance of indifference to the deteriorating plight of our negroid brethren.

    And THAT includes the gentlemen/gentlewomen who had the audacity to deem his/her ignorance of the topic worthy enough to espouse into the intellectual world through a question!

  • No way jose.

    I don't care if your name is Jose, Bob, Elizabeth, WHO CARES? THIS IS A BIG FAT NO! The person who made this is just mad that a black person told him not to be mean, So now people with darker skin are useless to him. This question is SO OBVIOUSLY NO.

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Ocean-Beach says2021-03-20T17:53:17.613
How is this even a question?

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