• Well. . Yes. . But. . Give me a moment to explain.

    Let me explain.

    I think we can all agree that the first natural instinct is to think that living in a lawless society would be absolutely fabulous simply because everyone within such a society would be completely free to do anything they please! But as we've seen numorous times, This usually doesn't work out too well, When police go on strike you usually find crime-filled streets instead of the anarchist utopia people who don't study anarchism yet support it imagine to arise in such a circumstance.

    So, Clearly the answer is to keep the police, To build structures and hierarchies and checks and balances to keep the system working properly so we can be safe and as free as we can be, Right? I think this is the conclusion most people jump to after seeing anarchy fail so often. And it makes sense! After all, If it fails every time it's tried within modern civilization, And in the past we've almost always ran our societies by hierarchies and organizations, *clearly* that's the best system to run a society by. But I think we can all agree that *if* we could live in a society in which hierarchies weren't necessary, We would want to. It's simple logic. . . If we could live in ultimate freedom, Where law enforcement and the military and all other forms of protection weren't necessary, Wouldn't you want to? Well, Even with an indepth understanding of anarchy it's easy to say that's impossible, But I'm here to tell you that it's not only possible, But entirely do-able within the near future if we make an effort to understand how previous societies have failed, And in particular how one society succeeded.

    Take a look at this Swiss society, While it was a direct democracy rather than an anarchist society, The extreme libertarian values are clearly present:

    https://www. Westonaprice. Org/health-topics/in-his-footsteps/a-visit-to-switzerlands-loetschental-in-the-footsteps-of-weston-a-price/

    No police? No doctors or dentists? Seemingly perfect health and no crime whatsoever? How was this achieved? The answer perfectly explains how a world can contain completely different economic models, Religions, Governments, And languages. . Culture. While it's true one particular difference between modern society and the native swiss in that valley is industrialization, There's no reason automation couldn't replace the workforce that runs our machines to produce goods and services for people today to match the relative harmony with nature they had.

    "So what? " I hear you ask, "Why should this change anything? They were wiped out anyway, Clearly even if people are peaceful within an extreme libertarian society, The people without are still going to cause problems. " And you're quite right, The people outside are likely to do the only they know to do and invade for resources. (or more likely a political excuse which is really just a proxy so rich businesses can get resources) But why can't we have the weaponry and skill required to defend ourselves without the extreme libertarianism we seek? (I'm not finished but don't have room to argue more, Respond if you want more details! )

  • Yes because government is inefficient

    First off taxation is theft and the promises the government keeps to protect us and serve us are never kept, Look at how badly the government handled the riots and “peaceful protest” in anarchy the business owners could have just got their guns and shot them dead or at least threaten to bring violence to them and they would have left, They’re all wussies but they can’t, Why? Because “government thinks it’s bad” and they just allow rioting, Not to mention the government can just borrow a bunch of money from china (oh wait they already did) guess who has to pay for it? You do the working citizens, Oh and thanks to the government were forced to go to these terrible school systems that they’ve admitted countless times were horrible and not working, Were forced to fund their illegal NSA surveillance beauracracy. Oh let’s not forget our tax money goes to trump tweeting all day long while writing on a piece of paper an executive order to “go kill Snowden”. The politicians both on the left and the right are a bunch of liars and brainwash is into thinking their good then do the opposite, Like how obama campaigned against NSA then extended the program. Or how obama got us in stupid deals like the Paris agreement for a made up issue that’s a hoax. Boy the list goes on and on. Oh and schools, Child doesn’t do well in school? Government can take your kids away from you. Yes people government is great and super “efficient”

  • It would be utter chaos.

    I think anarchists are young (see the response to the left of me) and delusional. Like I said in the headline, It would be utter chaos. Some of them don't even want cops! Yes the system is not great sometimes, But anarchy would be even worst. 4 3 2 1

  • If we go full anarchy everything would be legal

    This includes murder, Rape, Incest, All forms of abortion and all justice will be removed we will be going backwards as with no justice system and even though the system doesn't always work it is the best option that we have. Whether anarchists like it or not it will always be this way.

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