• Love who you love

    When it comes to gay marriage, I really do not have a major issue with it, and I am a Catholic. My mindset towards it as of this writing is, people have the right to love who they love. If it happens to be the same gender, then so be it.

  • Yes, long overdue

    There is absolutely no benefit in having a long battle with homosexuals over getting the right to do something that they're inevitably going to get anyway. Accept equality, accept that this world is not supposed to be one where sexual preference makes some people better than others, legalize this and move on.

  • I support it.

    Gay marriage is exactly the same as heterosexual marriage. A book written two thousand years ago does not dictate what all of society should believe and the law of the land. The fact that we do not give gay people the right to get married is discrimination and is against all principals this nation was found on.

  • It Should Be Illegal

    If you mean by accept, that it should be legalized, then by all means it should be accepted. Gay marriage should not be illegal, marriage is a right all people should have. Being a heterosexual person the legalization of gay marriage will not impact me at all and I don't see why some people want to hold their personal opinions over others, when its something that doesn't even affect them.

  • We should accept gay marriage.

    We should accept gay marriage because it is an important civil right. This right has been denied to homosexuals for too long. People who do not want gays to marry believe it is wrong for religious reasons, but in this country there is a separation betwen the church and the state.

  • Homosexuals Have Right to Happiness Too

    Everyone has equal rights under the law, including homosexuals. Otherwise, they are second-class citizens in America. We should accept gay marriage because homosexuality isn't evil or abnormal. You can't help who you fall in love with, and gays should have the same rights as heterosexual couples without any stigmas of immorality or sin placed upon gays in our society. There is no reason for a lack of acceptance in modern times.

  • I like cheese

    It should be legal because it would deny a lot of people the right for the pursuit of happiness, which is mentioned in the preamble of the constitution. It would also be a discrimination of a minority, and would deny them certain financial benifits which are included in a marriage.

  • What's the outcome

    I believe in no religion but i don't see why gay people should marry. What will be the outcome of that? I'm not closed minded, i just don't see the point
    Will they have children?
    Has it been accepted for thousands of years?
    Everybody now a days want to be politically correct.

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