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Posted by: ellytori6

Wow, what a terrible idea

  Ok so let's just say it's NYC on Purge night. The homeless are scrambling for shelter and people are readying their weapons. The night goes on with robbery, rape, murder, etc. The next morning, the city is in shambles. Every store has been damaged and looted. The dead bodies of men, women, children, and animals litter the streets. Blood is still flowing down the sewers. Those who are still alive have one of three feelings: nothing at all (small percentage), scared for life (those who saw loved ones die), or terrible guilt. The economy is destroyed because both store owners and their stores have been destroyed. Not to mention the moral codes that are engraved in our conscience have been shattered. So yeah, the purge is an awful idea.
pro.purge says2014-08-04T06:30:39.693
Wow you just described columbus and his voyage to the so called "new world" and he is treated like a hero........
Domisoalto says2014-08-20T15:34:13.173
Wrong side, but good argument.
Keeltheboss says2014-08-27T22:24:47.577
Thank you! Someone who knows exactly what I'm on about
dj123w1 says2014-10-29T02:23:46.880
Yes, great argument, just on the wrong opposition. This one is my favourite.
NotAlwaysSinful432 says2014-11-29T07:11:48.177
I like how you picked the apposing side to make a point to those who were dumb enough to pick this. You sir have common sense and I applaud you for it.
emperor says2015-03-13T19:10:25.240
You all are big f***ing babies why don't you go cry to your little mommies about it
chriskar000 says2015-04-15T15:01:23.643
You only say this because you dont have the balls to kill anyone and would get killed.
ThePers says2015-06-23T20:00:07.250
@Chriskar000,Like to Purge... Why not to make it private.. Me and you. LoL. Then you'll know what the stupid idea was that... :D
CJLEGENDARDY says2015-08-26T18:52:47.640
I'm surrounded by Idiots
fox4life says2016-02-10T17:33:19.633
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T14:49:22.323
Wrong side
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