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Posted by: ellytori6

A Purge is Just Extremely Illogical

  Even if you ignore the moral issues with having a Purge, all crime being legal for one night would be a terrible idea. One cannot conclude that the amount of crime committed on that night will be less than the amount committed in a year now-a-days. The only difference that we can deduce is that a lot of crime committed in one day will have worse effects than crime committed over a long period of time. Say, for example, that groups of people end up robbing banks all over the country, which is probably very likely. I imagine that the number would be pretty significant, which could result in the crashing of the United States economy. Why would we want to risk something like that for something that probably will not decrease the number of crimes committed?
Skinny6847B says2014-07-13T22:35:51.737
So you think all these POWERFUL bankers would just leave there assets sitting around. No these banks you talk of would have every asset far away and safe way before that purge type scenario. If anything the only thing that would happen is there buildings might get damaged. Plus the vaults would take a lot of man, tools etc too get into. They would spend all that time breaking in just too find it's EMPTY!! And all those men would have wasted there wasted there "Purge" breaking into an empty bank/corporation/store etc. Those humans that wasted all that time would now have not hurt anything except property. Therefore saving many humans from harm. Yes there would be those select real sick humans doing horrible things (As we have going on right now anyhow) I think you would see more "HERO TYPE" humans looking out for other's during this time. So your bank & money statements makes no sense at all. Yes I am sure there would be some money loss, killings etc. But like I said we have that right now at climbing numbers around the U.S
SirClare says2014-07-18T10:56:06.297
There are other ways of stealing money, such as online methods, which, in the case you described, would be easier and less time consuming. However, even if we do have those crimes happening in the U.S., they happen spread throughout the year. If all crime happened on one day, it would be much more devastating and would take longer to recoup.

We could sit here and go back and forth all day, but it would really accomplish nothing. All we have to go on is speculation, because we cannot prove that a purge would be beneficial or not. There is no way to even know, if it would actually keep people from committing crimes throughout the rest of the year.
ohyeahpurge says2015-04-29T05:14:47.067
Banks have money to protect them selfs and the money duh
MarA.jo says2016-07-17T01:38:21.423
No one is protected during a purge. More than likely, someone will want yo even a score or exact revenge, and money might not even be able to save/protect people.
sykes123 says2017-11-07T21:09:36.143
Morals are a social construct so not a vaild point . Same with good and evil
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