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Posted by: ellytori6

In a SECLUDED area

  I think there should be a set place where all the killers etc can come if they want to do such a thing. This gives the children etc to be safe and go to a safe place if needed. This way, only the KILLERS who plan on killing kill other killers with will kill the amount of killers that kill helpless people.
SurferDude0423 says2014-07-18T14:47:36.113
Totally agree! I mean in the movie one of its purposes was to kill homeless and people with jobs so that way their job positions would be open for others to take. But yes I agree. Up town should be for petty crime like vandalism street Racing, and such, down town within a 5 mile radius should be strictly for murder.
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:28:34.090
I agree with this. If we were to have a purge this would be how to do it.
Keeltheboss says2014-08-27T22:27:30.347
Look, I'm British and I've been raised to not like the Americans but a purge night is just something not even the Americans are crazy enough to do
steven2121st says2014-09-28T14:05:43.573
I like the idea, but not in a town. A field would be better, to protect property of those. No guns, have armed police there to protect those who don't want to kill.
steven2121st says2014-09-28T14:06:50.543
Protection from these people from escaping into the yard.
asdf0106 says2015-02-01T03:01:58.480
I don't know... In the mivie the characters purge out of jealousy, revenge or anger towards other people. This means they target specific people who they hate. If only people who wanted to kill were out, then wouldnt their hatred still burn? Possibly leading to crime during other parts of the year...?
asdf0106 says2015-02-01T03:02:09.687
cookiemonsterr says2015-02-16T07:55:49.457
That last sentence has so many forms of the word "kill"...
Petshark says2015-09-14T01:10:07.907
I actually kind of like this idea... Then the US could nuke the area and get rid of all of our criminals. :)
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-26T02:36:17.330
Nuking is a terrible idea. It has after effects (radiation), and not all of these criminals could be necessarily murderers. But the Purge is a crazy idea, and a terrible one too.
ashley678 says2016-11-16T04:28:27.570
Absolutely not, the only areas that people would be allowed to purge are places with a low SES.
Leviinka says2016-12-29T07:01:14.377
That's actually a great idea. If they wanna kill that much, may as well have their life on the line too. Last survivor can work for our government in the military or something, because honestly he would be dangerous.
InfernoSoul says2017-04-10T12:29:48.203
What about certain cities only for purgers. Let the savages have there own society while the evolved humans have there's
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