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Posted by: ellytori6

No its a bad idea

  If we had a purge, then our love ones would get hurt or killed. We would get seriously injured. It may sound worth it but its not. It may sound easy just to walk out and go steal stuff. But its not. You will see people killing and kidnappings. Or they will come for you. Our world will never be the same or have peace if we have a purge. Its just a movie. Would you really want risk your life and love ones just for the purge? Would you want to lose everything? Think about it and have some common sense.
chestnutrules says2014-07-29T21:56:29.587
foolishIam says2014-08-09T09:42:51.920
I love how people think that there would be next to no safety precautions for a event as the purge meaning safety and returning to daily life would be the priority here since it is psychological release
zsigginz says2014-08-19T23:53:45.407
I would risk everything for a chance at justice against those who have harmed my family. You learn to protect yourself. You learn to fight for what you have, and you learn to kill for it.
trapboy says2015-10-05T19:52:43.640
Every one is going to die anyway no one lives forever its a matter of time everyone kills eachother anyway
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