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Posted by: ellytori6

Less crime around the U.S.

  If we had an annual purge, I believe the crime rates would decrease dramatically. I'm not saying that it would disappear completely but I definitely think it wouldn't be as high. Considering most people don't want to go to jail. Also it would take out some built up anger that normally causes people to do physical crimes to other people. People would realize "Hey if I wait till the purge I can get away with the crime I want to do."
ThunderClap says2013-11-18T21:50:33.197
How does changing the day of the crime have an impact on morality? And how does killing someone's family or friends relieve anger?
retroman000 says2013-11-18T22:27:24.413
"Also it would take out some built up anger that normally causes people to do physical crimes to other people."
Yes... By committing a physical crime. Not sure I see the logic here.
relevantviolinist says2014-04-20T02:05:58.120
Having a purge would make it easier to buy or possess a firearm. There fore more crime would take place!
SirClare says2014-07-13T04:39:27.523
Of course crime rates would decrease, because the 'crimes' committed on that day would not actually be considered crimes. If you legalizing a crime, then crime rates will logically go down, since it is no longer illegal to do so. That does not mean that less things we consider to be crimes will be committed over-all.
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:10:24.473
Yes they would wait until it was legal. They would still be killing, raping, stealing, kidnapping, etc. Your just changing the dates and allowing them to get away with the crime.
kyndallll says2014-08-16T05:49:03.680
WAKE UP! This is a stupid horror movie someone made up and now you people are trying to make it one true? If anything you people who say yes need to be in a mental hospital! THIS IS REALITY! Why don't you snap back into REAL life and do something but obsess over killing peopl?
emperor says2015-03-13T19:07:48.750
You are no we are right we should have a purge and purge on the flipping babies that say "no" well f*** them!
TheRightOpinions says2015-03-24T20:53:23.917
You are a pshyco
manofthematch says2015-07-19T01:34:51.707
Miserable CoD addicts
Terry3000 says2015-10-07T23:26:55.340
There will only be less crime on paper, in fact there will be more crime because on purge night everyone and their grandma can be a potential, killer, rapist, child molester, cannibal basically every crime under the sun.
iyah says2015-11-07T22:26:54.723
How would the crime decrease if you are killing over 1 thousand people
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T14:45:04.703
People would still commit crime outside of the purge, and if let all criminals loose on day each year the police force wouldn't be able to clean up the mess when the purge is over, on that day there would be absolute chaos, does anyone honestly think that chaos would just stop because its the next day?
Vorshack says2016-06-21T21:53:11.367
Sweet, where do you live? I'll rape and torture your entire family to death while you watch. I don't suppose you have an infant child? I bet her eyeballs would pop out of her skull as I shove my cock up her ass.
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-27T14:12:11.140
^ This is a debate website, not one for harassment, insulting, and threatening.
Lena38 says2016-11-21T23:02:30.420
Let's be honest criminals don't care legal or not they will do it and enjoy it no special day will stop them. Plus 12 hours to them wouldn't be enough.
JustJack137 says2018-01-27T22:00:58.103
Actually, SomeGuyWhoIsCool, Vorshack’s got a point.
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