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Posted by: ellytori6

Sickos will get away with child sex

  If all crime is legal, think about all the paedophiles that could rape your children, they'll get away with it, crime isn't just murder or theft. I mean, you wouldn't like it if a group of perverted men broke in your house and started raping your kids would you? That's just sick.
pro.purge says2014-08-04T05:51:51.623
Sickos get away with child sex now..........Even when caught they go to a minimum prison to get free room and board, 24 hour health and dental care, and college education just to claim they are healed. Then the commit the same crime over again. Sex offenders can not be healed at least with a purge we have a chance to get rid of them.
foolishIam says2014-08-09T09:47:14.593
Seriously why do people forget that every crime happens everyday and the national statistic states that 1-2 people die per second
Alex_LovesCookies says2014-08-16T19:01:58.343
Exactly Foolishlam, crime happens everyday and has anyone thought to actually think about the crime rates and everything like that? Hello it wouldn't go down. Suicide would go up, murder would never go down, because people would get addicted. Who would want to wait for one day out of the entire year to kill only those who are on the streets the day before homeless people might actually decide to go and stay with someone. And plus you know. Yes people die everyday but again rapeist would be able to break in maybe it would be acceptable to the only ones who deserve it like rapiests and murderers, and kidnappers. But innoceant people who have done nothing. That's wrong. The United states will never be the same and it would be worse. No one would live.
zsigginz says2014-08-19T23:52:18.503
Pedophiles get away with child sex every day. Sure, it would make it legal for them to rape children. But think about it this way. If you are thrown in prison for raping a child, and the other inmates find out that that's what your in for, the odds of you getting raped and murdered in jail increase drastically. If your next door neighbor was participating in the exploitation and sexual abuse of a child, wouldn't you want a chance to have their head on a stake?
emperor says2015-03-13T13:16:28.357
Oh suck it up you babyes
Jman9000 says2015-04-11T00:03:32.417
Just shoot him... It's legal.
anastasiamoore says2015-11-17T20:23:21.437
Fighting fire with fire creates more fire
Redman2234 says2016-10-21T17:55:08.007
Actually fighting fire with fire creates a air vacum which destorys both fires
panda2591 says2018-09-06T03:43:18.987
Actually if you have certain rules in place it will take care of that and besides i agree with jman9000 just shoot them.
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