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Posted by: ellytori6

A terrorist's dream

  This is an incredibly stupid idea. The fact that all emergency is suspended and ALL crime is legal is only a dream for any terrorist. I can only imagine how many people within and outside the united states would plant bombs all over NYC only to detonate wall street and other important buildings possibly sending the world into economic chaos. Businesses would be ruined, GDP would tank, and hospitals would be overcrowded with murder victims. What happens if someone obtains a bio-weapon and unleashes it on the purge (it would be perfectly legal) imagine the aftermath. No. Just no. I hate anarchists, and always will.
elixir says2014-07-19T14:51:36.677
They did say no class 5 and above weapons though. Whatever that means.
ryanryanryan says2014-08-05T00:06:11.460
Yep, as elixir said. Class 4 explosives and higher are not permitted, and you would be prosecuted. Also, class 10 government officials are immune to the purge and cannot be harmed. (Eg, president, high politicians idk). In The Purge 2, it is also mentioned that the utmost precautions are taken beforehand, such as banks being sealed up tighter than a dog's are and all money being moved elsewhere. Thus, financial districts are quieter than downtown where there are more people to kill.
foolishIam says2014-08-09T09:35:53.170
A terrorist dream is more along the lines of getting rid of something they can't agree with which is commonly agreeable but terrorism is a extreme version. If this is the case what can be taken down on the purge that a terrorist can't agree with?
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-10T15:39:04.780
Burning down Wall Street would be a dream come true
wefuntw says2016-11-05T13:55:54.240
It doesn't tale class X of explosives to burn down wall street, all you need is a ton of oil and a torch.
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