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Posted by: ellytori6

The purge would give people an opertunity to commit crimes that they wouldn't have commuted otherwise.

  The fear of getting caught or going to jail is probably one of the only things keeping Americans from committing crimes in the first place.If you take that away for a day, not only will the criminals be loose but people that wouldn't have committed in the first place too. It would also put everyone in uneccisary danger. If the crime was spread out, there would be less terror than if it was all in one night. The purge is a stupid idea.
sarahradwan says2014-06-30T20:39:38.353
This was posted on the wrong side
SurferDude0423 says2014-07-18T14:43:19.350
Learn how to spell first.
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:20:21.123
Wrong side, great argument
NotAlwaysSinful432 says2014-11-29T07:14:09.757
It was a smart to choose this side so that those who actually believe this can scroll down and find out that barely anybody actually thinks is a good idea. Good argument and I applaud you for it.
fox4life says2016-02-10T17:36:43.667
You do realize you posted your comment on the side where most people side with having the purge. But still interesting point!
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T14:54:21.890
Why did you click yes???
InfernoSoul says2017-04-10T12:32:35.277
People click yes because the yes supporters only read the yes side. And sometimes the comments.
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