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Posted by: ellytori6

Improvement of the human race

  Animal purge themselves, food chain, strongest, fastest, smartest only survive. Human race: we keep the sick artificialy alive, we keep those who can't produce and ben active member of the society, we keep the dumb by putting stupid rules in place and dumb warning label. We would get rid of those flaw in the human race. Improving the living quality of everyone.
chestnutrules says2014-07-25T14:40:31.510
It's survival of the beautiful, quirky, and nice NOT fittest!
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:36:35.423
Animals don't always kill off the weak links. They sacrifice their own lives to keep others alive. Ever see a dog protecting it's master even if they were dumb? Or pack/herd/etc animals helping the sick and injured?
andrewrhowe00 says2014-08-04T02:48:51.540
Smart. Words of wisdom and truth. Hurtful action to humans, no mater how inhumane it is may be the only way to advance our civilization. Although it may be cruel, as an example, if the US Army were to run tests on human beings themselves, involuntarily (Forcing people to run them, which is illegal), we may just have the most advanced army there is. However, we test things on people who volunteer to take tests, which none will volunteer to be put in a gas chamber and test if the gas will kill them, so we use rats (Not literally for gas, and maybe not always rats, but hopefully you have the intellect to understand what I'm saying ^-^). Eliminating the unproductive is better to make society produce, because they simply cant take care of themselves, weather its their fault or not, this isn't a question of how fair life is.
072999 says2014-08-16T04:30:06.390
You need help
AlxandriaP says2014-08-18T04:54:04.517
I completely agree. Even though i would de
Keith_JW says2014-10-06T03:54:48.787
Are you sure about that? If we really did have a Purge, you'd be the first to go, since you're dumb enough to suggest that idea. And we don't need more dumb people in the world, because, as you said, only the strongest and smartest survive.
Rapeyourself says2014-11-11T21:41:00.390
#darwinist theories at its best
cookiemonsterr says2015-02-16T07:52:29.657
Are you putting us at the level of wild animals?? Also, animals do not have a purge; they do not set one day where they kill and have "crimes" and live the other 364 days peacefully.
Ju5tAB0r3d1 says2015-03-02T01:37:51.647
The strong will live, the weak will die. If that's the rule of life, then it'll just happen by itself. We don't have to do anything XD
Lebron23 says2015-07-05T23:32:22.780
Your a cruel monster
manofthematch says2015-07-20T03:52:50.810
Who are we to change nature? We are just simply one part of the food chain in life. We have absolutely no right to mold the world in our image. Even if one species would have the right, it wouldn't be us. Because we are not as strong as we think. Ants can carry 10 times their weight. Can we do that? No. And the most accomplished species in the world are insects. And we just go around killing them every day. No, we are a cruel species. Also, did you know that there is NO other species in the whole world that kills eachother? We are the only species that kills itself. We are NOT the most advanced species, so we should not have the right to do what we want with the world. Ex. Pollution, Oil Spills, etc.
jojopooo says2016-06-19T05:40:27.750
Lol...You're either a troll or a massive idiot. Because in an age of knowledge and education, people of your intelligence level should die first according to your logic.
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-26T02:13:06.360
You don't understand. If the purge existed, well, there could be some crazy people out there. For instance, soldiers. What happens if a soldier comes crashing through with a tank? They could cause massive damage, and also with airstrikes. Also, this gives an excuse for people to commit crimes. If no one stops a "rulebreaker", who will? Also, terrorists will find the Purge the perfect chance to strike.
LKasian says2017-02-08T14:20:09.317
This statement is contingent on the fact that you are an elite currently, and if in life you reach a point in which you are weak, you would deem your life of such insignificance that you would gladly let yourself perish. Your definition of stupid is wildly subjective, and how are you to suggest that taking life is the best method for improving its quality? I am going to assume this as a joke, but if this is serious, your logic is absolutely flawed.
InfernoSoul says2017-04-10T12:23:32.430
Humans are supposed to be above being savage. Do you people realize what will become of us if we let this happen?
jal11180 says2017-05-02T20:50:31.130
I say that, if there MUST be a purge, then the globalist elites that control the left, right, middle, AND fringe of ALL political systems worldwide need to be the first to go, followed by the corrupt leaders of governments that refuse to get right in the Sight of YAHWEH EL ELOHIM, and then all dishonest corporate bosses, ALL unrepentant unions, guilds, and such (which is all such groups, by the way), and ALL special interest groups should follow afterwards, finally followed by the terrorist groups, gangs, criminal syndicates, and drug cartels. When that happens, then you are only left with the crazy demon possessed and/or hybrid serial murderers of various sorts and then they are easily dispatched. Following the deaths of those people, then global society should be righted. I would try to avoid a purge, but there are those that want such an event to happen, such as what has been proven in things like the UN Agenda 21, the Georgia Guide Stones, and the Zero Growth Population Movement, along with other evildoers, such as Planned Parenthood and various race baiting and LGBT promoting organizations worldwide, and not a single one of them are in the least bit repentant of their evil deeds in their lives. This is the only way in which I would support a purge, otherwise I would be firmly in the "no" category on this topic. The bottom line is that if evildoers wish for humanity to enter into a real life purge, as the people that supported the three evil things that I had mentioned in a previous sentence, among other evil things that I have said previously in this post, then they should ironically be the ones to suffer it AND they should ALSO suffer in a way which is of he deepest offense to them, as to deter other potential idiots that want to pick up where the other idiots left off, thus, hopefully, thee would be no more of a need to have another purge, but knowing how humanity works, subsequent purge events might need to happen again in case some humans are stubborn, stupid, brutish, and wicked enough to commit acts of evil again in their lives.
jal11180 says2017-05-02T21:00:07.517
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