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Posted by: ellytori6

Why kill innocent people for nothing

  I Know many people have a strong dislike for others but that is no reason to decide to have an annual purge. Yes the movie was good but it's starting to get out of hand everybody should just stop . There are already enough crimes in the work having a purge would just make it worse
pro.purge says2014-08-04T05:43:16.780
How do you think that America was founded? By the killing of innocent people......It would just be karma catching up to us.
foolishIam says2014-08-09T09:44:14.300
Good and bad are a part of life
emperor says2015-03-16T18:49:00.320
We all need to let it out some how hmm lets kill you first!
fox4life says2016-02-10T17:20:34.807
No one is truly innocent
Deathly says2016-05-20T15:40:39.103
I believe in it for sport but I disagree with most of the people on my side of argument
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