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Posted by: ellytori6

I believe it should exist

  Why not have a purge? I mean, yeah it sounds awful to some but if you really think about it... Life goes on as the strong survive (survival of the fittest) so why not have one day out of the year where everyone who wants to release their emotions, pent up frustrations, and anger Because i'd go to the military bases and steal a tank and kill everyone i don't like.Crime rates outside of the purge would drop.
chestnutrules says2014-07-25T14:31:36.153
OMG. It's survival of the beautiful...
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:31:23.900
Could you really do that? If you could without any burden on you soul afterwards your a monster. You would most likely not be able to do it or come out of it with major mental problems as most people would.
Domisoalto says2014-08-20T15:32:49.620
But what happens when those who aren't strong enough to survive are your children? Or your parents? You may be strong enough, but I can promise you not all of your loved ones are.
Soldier_of_Speech says2014-10-14T22:17:55.127
Doing that is almost just as bad as 9/11. After that devastating event, do you really want something that's a hundred million times worse than that? Do you want to live with that conscience. I don't like a lot of people, but i do not believe its my right to take away their life from them, to deprive them of future.
eGreat says2015-02-25T19:24:49.270
First of all, sorry to burst your bubble but it's highly unlikely that you would be able to break into a military base. And if you really hate people enough to kill them, I would recommend you reviewing your feelings and trying to put yourself in their place.
manofthematch says2015-07-19T01:40:55.757
Why the hell should you be sorry to burst his bubble? He's a monster. He's actually thinking of KILLING someone without any doubt or hesitation.
baller1623 says2016-01-20T18:23:29.820
Who cares i just want the purge to be real so peolem dont hold in anger and its survival of the fittest for real the purge should be real.
baller1623 says2016-01-20T18:24:45.347
If u cant fight then to bad you should hide and run away i just want the purge to be real
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T14:52:16.793
I like to be respectful on this site

But seriously anyone in favor of a real life purge so they can "Kill anyone they don't like" sounds like a dangerous psychopath
peppermintbutthole says2016-07-20T08:03:10.083
Its a good thing you possess the knowledge to drive a tank and have magic tank keys. Make sure to call ahead so they'll fill it up for you. Why not steal a jet while your at it. Tank, jet, same same right?
InfernoSoul says2017-04-10T12:28:03.667
The reason that humans don't go by survival of the fittest is because we are above that. We are not savage. The people who want this purge to happen and to act like murderous animals deserve to live like animals.
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