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Posted by: ellytori6

We are overpopulated

  I dont think killing people is good but the purge isnt just about killing. Its ALL crime like stealing and again im not saying its good but it would allow people to get what they need without getting in trouble .It would also help out with our overpopulation problem. So yeah it would be a good idea in a way
chestnutrules says2014-07-26T14:46:01.893
Do you want to be the person who dies?
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:29:35.890
Yes somebody gets what they needs by stealing. And then the person they steal from loses what THEY need.
Soldier_of_Speech says2014-10-14T21:34:26.967
Not if your the person who is killed. If you want to see overpopulation,go to sunshine streets of China.
Gi says2014-11-13T10:02:06.463
Overpopulation is happening only in some areas of the world, usually underdeveloped countries with low access to birth control, and usually by less educated people. In other areas, 1st world countries, highly educated people, stagnant growth or even de-population is happening, where the birthrate is barely replacing the living population.
halfb4ked says2014-11-22T14:03:13.617
Spot on @Gi. People are really idiots. They don't evel think before posting. The internet's stupid. Comcast can have it.
differentveiw says2015-01-27T17:34:51.043
You have no idea what overpopulation is if you think the US is overpopulated. Go to India.
cookiemonsterr says2015-02-16T07:53:53.940
Overpopulation? Does that give us the ethical right to murder people and commit crimes??
Winston99 says2015-02-22T04:31:41.650
Allowing everyone to commit crimes can, maybe in turn, boost the population because people can steal things like medication, food and other necessities to have healthy offspring. This could ruin the way society works. People would get greedy and steal more than they need and people that need it more, will go without. Its called capitalism!
manofthematch says2015-07-19T01:31:24.583
Overpopulated? Have you been alive for the past few years? China and India have about 1 BILLION more people than us. Think global. And neither country is even thinking about having a purge.
Godgirl says2015-11-07T17:28:38.433
I don't think overpopulation exists. Well, not in the world I'm general. In, cities, yeah, but the rest of the world is mostly empty space.
Godgirl says2015-11-07T17:29:48.840
Not "I'm"
sunni22 says2016-04-25T05:52:22.207
Yeah, as far as "overpopulation" goes, I really don't know what you guys are talking about. And if there were a depopulation process, who goes? The poor, disabled, elderly, and minority I'm sure. You people are morally wrong for thinking that way, and you know it.
YukiHayashi777 says2016-06-08T14:47:11.640
All crime? Stealing?

This could ruin many businesses if everyone steals all their products thus potentially being economically harmful
Vorshack says2016-06-21T21:53:39.153
Sweet, where do you live? I'll rape and torture your entire family to death while you watch. I don't suppose you have an infant child? I bet her eyeballs would pop out of her skull as I shove my cock up her ass.
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