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Posted by: ellytori6

Living A Good Life

  Imagine , if we actually did have a purge life would be swell , for those who can survive through it . At the beginning of the movie , it says 'unemployment is at 1%' can you imagine how great a majority of us would be living ? We'd be able to afford protection just like the Sandin's . By allowing everyone who chooses to participate in the purge for the short 12-hour period , we would all live in peace the other 364 days . I don't know about you , but that sounds pretty grand .
chestnutrules says2014-07-25T14:31:03.160
Lives are worth more than jobs!
1Historygenius says2014-07-29T16:35:04.490
Also do you really think no violence would occur on the other days?
Publicaccount says2014-07-30T00:18:06.943
It was a movie. Just because in the movie it said that more people were employed doesn't mean it would play out that way in the real world. Also I would rather live with a moderate job then die with the chance of being rich.
idkkkkk7 says2014-08-04T19:59:58.113
Sandins protection sucks
braidenk1 says2014-08-05T07:27:33.520
Unemployment will never be at 1%, Purge or no Purge. I honestly don't see how killing a bunch of innocent people will affect unemployment in a positive way.
rickyspanishh says2014-08-06T09:38:43.490
Who's to say crime would truly go down? What people don't realize is that 'lack of money' is what motivates MAJORITY of crimes committed. Popular committed crimes like robbery, theft, drug dealing, and most murders etc. are usually motivated by the need for money or over money. Crimes like rape, serial killings, shooting sprees etc. are usually done by either sick, mentally disturbed individuals or who do it just because. THOSE are the individuals who need "Purging". People do what they have to do to get by whether its legal or illegal.
So basically the root problem for majority of crime is MONEY.

Also do you realize the country would be annihilated if we really had a purge? Plus think about how many would go out for revenge after a loved one was unfairly murdered after the purge. You really think people would wait a year? It would cause more chaos in my opinion.
Zombieffx says2014-08-17T23:28:10.870
Imagine if we get rid of people like you
Brycekinney says2014-10-09T03:14:27.840
If there was a purge, I would kill people who are optimistic about killing, like you. Optimistically so.
Anniful says2014-11-05T18:58:35.680
Do you really want to live in a country with people that only have the law holding them back from going on a killing spree or worse...?
AtheistPerson says2014-12-07T23:32:30.230
It's a f*cking M-O-V-I-E.
mmoreiramu says2014-12-17T16:37:38.300
1. Its a movie
2. What will stop criminals from doing evil the other remaining 364 days.
3. Are you an animal?
4. People who got their loved ones murdered will be longing for revenge and I doubt they will wait 1 year to get it.
5. Lets rob banks, lets rob stores, lets destroy the economy!
akirapop says2015-03-06T18:14:36.107
Lol you do realize that the statistics in the movie are all bs right?
emperor says2015-03-13T19:04:57.090
Every one on this side i think should have an alliance
chriskar000 says2015-04-15T14:46:08.957
It sounds amazing and negative comments should stay on that side!
manofthematch says2015-07-19T01:28:42.083
Uh huh. Swell for the people who survive through it. Yeah. Very clever. 1. Are you even human?
2. FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SURVIVE THROUGH IT (2 percent of the population?)
CJLEGENDARDY says2015-08-26T18:54:23.737
Yes living the Good Life while being strangled by your neighbor.
Petshark says2015-09-14T01:08:39.157
That was just a movie. A real Purge would not actually do any good.
tru35tory says2015-09-15T23:26:27.983
..What if your family gets killed? Whoops
bursonjo says2015-10-26T10:30:21.613
I don't think we should have a purge but it could honestly happen. The way our society is anyways its a joke. Our government would do it too, just to take out the poor, they don't care about anyone but them selves and there rich buddies. The poor is usually ex military anyways cause our government don't know how to take care of the people who risk there lives for them. So yeah itll probably happen someday, maybe not exactly like the purge but something like it!!!
Vorshack says2016-06-21T21:52:29.093
Sweet, where do you live? I'm rape and torture your entire family to death while you watch. I don't suppose you have an infant child? I bet her eyeballs would pop out of her skull as I shove my cock up her ass.
SomeGuyWhoIsCool says2016-08-26T01:52:07.073
^ On the way there, you encounter a gang of purgers. O_O

Really, should we really support the allowance of murder and other crimes? The Purge is just a movie, and the "1%" is something made up by the moviemakers.
Lena38 says2016-11-21T22:56:56.157
Okay think... Let say someone kills one of your family members today. You think the law is a joke because they were allowed to be out with bail money. Are you willing to wait we don't how many day until you can kill that person for it to be legal. Or are you going to want revenge and to hurt that person right away. Children plus they can't defend themselves are you willing to go around killing knowing that maybe you just killed a baby's mother/father. Or stay in your home knowing babys are dying!
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