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Posted by: ellytori6

Whats the point?

  Having an annual purge could result in disaster. If all emergency are suspended for 12 hours then what happens if someone has a major illness and has a heart attack or something then that person could die because they are suspended. Although it was used as a way of separating the poor from the rich. Is that really fair?
Skinny6847B says2014-07-13T23:52:50.623
During Extreme Weather Tons Of Humans Die Due Too Some Type Of Illness. Look at Katrina was that fair? There would be a lot less "Sheeple" and humans would think twice before wronging somebody.
SurferDude0423 says2014-07-18T15:00:41.510
Yes it is. People like you would be first on the chopping block
pro.purge says2014-08-04T05:42:12.110
Only the strong will survive...
foolishIam says2014-08-09T09:32:11.770
Your caring about whether a person dies in a event like that but you seem to not care that between 1-2 people die per second.
dj123w1 says2014-10-29T02:20:57.450
Thank you! I certainly agree, with this speaker above. It will certainly make things worse. Foolishlam, quiet. Emergency services helps prevent that 1-2 deaths per second. If they were suspended, the rate of death will increase to all-all. Thank you.
emperor says2015-03-13T13:43:56.293
Go cry about it and deal with it
chriskar000 says2015-04-15T14:47:21.387
I agree with pro-purge, it's quite a true statement.
lotus556 says2015-10-06T20:42:05.633
No Shit. That's the point of the party
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