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Posted by: ellytori6

You stupid psychopaths.

  We are going back in time. The goal of modern society is to treat all equally as much as possible. This is Nazism at its worst. There is no overpopulation (at least not in this vast nation). It may seem overpopulated if you live in the city, but try out a place like Central California or Wyoming. There is no global warming. There is no climate change. The only problem is distribution of resources. People usually overeat and waste food, or get fat. Plus, a lot of it goes to cattle.
MrV666 says2013-12-01T16:21:05.683
So, what causes the loss of territory in the Arctic and Antarctic? And maybe this nation isn't overpopulated, but what about the world? 6 billion and growing. We need to stop human population expansion to a degree until we can get some of them off the planet without killing them.
Venusara says2013-12-03T16:56:06.133
Catch up moron, science already agrees that there is global warming, there is climate change, and humans did cause it. The only question left is do we care or does it matter.
Crodg4490 says2014-06-25T23:30:17.233

statement he says it all just watch
Publicaccount says2014-07-29T23:36:45.717
I agree that we shouldn't have purge. However there is global warming. Keep denying it. It's too late to stop it anyways. More animals are going to die. Humans won't be doing so well. The weather is gonna go haywire. The world as we know it will change before are eyes. And not in a good way. I hate people who act like it's a hoax.
foolishIam says2014-08-09T08:51:58.123
The words from the wisest of the only egotistical species "man" the only animal that believes its better than everything in the world but still only uses the knowledge it hears from others and never finds out if its true by finding the answer itself. Three variations of global warming and climate change there is evidence of a occurrence in nature but can't pinpoint the cause it could be the damage or a natural event either way things change
PurgeAnAnswer says2014-08-16T09:35:09.213
Your argument is false.
DrZCochrane says2014-08-22T17:52:24.927
Your wrong with overpopulation, climate change, and global warming. Those exists. But yes, THERE SHOULD BE NO PURGE.
Keeltheboss says2014-08-27T22:18:27.213
Now I mean this in a non-racial way, but the US is not as you say, a 'vast nation'
Victoria360 says2014-11-04T21:10:31.597
Really? No global warming, climate change, and overpopulation? Those have proof, and therefor exist.
GBall45 says2014-11-04T23:56:44.313
Global warming and climate change are false problems created by liberals to get all of the tree-huggers to vote for them.
etmssm says2014-11-10T22:07:36.517
I believe there should be no purge and that were wasting resources BUT THERE IS POLUTION ITS PROVEN DONT BELIEVE ME LOOK UP ACID RAIN, AND THE TREE COUNT AND HEALTH
Kaynex says2014-11-12T09:10:46.533
CO₂ levels are exponentially increasing. I don't know what's left for people to deny.
Bulldawgs says2014-11-13T02:29:51.043
Overpopulation? Extrapolate the current population a couple of years. We can't afford to have 2 billion people in America..
megynlove78 says2015-01-14T14:01:00.850
Purge would take out a lot of people who have done wrong like rape, murder, molest; these people who want revenge and to purge dont want to purge against someone who stole a candy, they want to purge against someone who has done real wrong or harm. It would lower crime rate and murder.
megynlove78 says2015-01-14T14:03:03.230
If you saw the movie you would know that purging is not simply just murder; its all crime is legal. So you could rob a bank, burn down a building, murder... Whatever crime you need to cleanse your soul of, you can do
jglass841 says2016-03-22T12:20:23.780
Climate change is real, and the purge would decrease crime rate. And overpopulation is an eventual problem, so we might as well have precautions in place.
Deathly says2016-05-20T15:49:32.710
I am a psychopath and i dont agree with anyone of your arguments you all are such misguided little children fighting for scraps of food while ignoring the huge feast just above your head
Shanbo says2016-07-21T23:53:38.693
Well, there is overpopulation, and there is global warming. But a Purge would be a shitty way to solve it and would certainly be a case of the cure being worse than the disease.
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