• Yes, because the Queen's Dominion is a superior nation-state to the United States

    Canada is better in almost every way. When the US had the institution of slavery, runaway slaves to Canada would remark their surprise at well they were treated in Canada; this, supposedly in a nation with the tyrannical Sovereign of the United Kingdom.

    Canada was founded on the values of tolerance, equality before the law, and pluralism; all of which were British values. Canadians should be proud of their nation and its history.

  • Yes, we should adopt Canada's healthcare policies.

    The United States is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world. It is a shame that almost 30 million individuals in this country are uninsured. By adopting a single-payer healthcare system, the United States would eliminate billions of dollars of overhead and provide healthcare to millions of people who were not able to pay for it before.

  • Yes We Should Adopt Canada's Healthcare

    All I know about Canada's health care policies is that it's free. Even though there's clearly more for me to know about it, all I need to know about it to make a decision on whether or not the United States should adopt Canad's healthcare policies is that one fact. I'm all for it. Sign me up.

  • Canada's healthcare system still dependent on US

    The United States should not adopt Canada's healthcare system because Canada's system is only inexpensive because of the United States. Much of modern medicine is created in the United States. When we sell those discoveries and the research to other countries, those countries are then able to produce those medicines without incurring the costs of the royalties to those who invented them. That is generally why healthcare in the US is more expensive than it is in Canada. It simply wouldn't work for us to adopt Canada's policy because the production to consumption ratios of healthcare advances between the two countries is not equal.

  • There are many problems with Canada's system.

    Canadian citizens pay a bunch of taxes for "free" healthcare, but it has a lot of problems. For example, those who are wealthy in Canada actually go to the United States for surgeries and other treatments because the waiting list in Canada can be extremely long. I think our current system is better than what Canada has.

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