Should we agree with the theories of Freud psychoanalysts?

Asked by: Che-Guerilla
  • Yes I agree

    Some of his examples make sense. For instance, I am a messy person, and my mom say that she didn't restrict me to defecate or gave me any regulation when I was little. I guess at that time my ego was't resist, so this the reason why I am not a tidy person.

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Kreakin says2014-01-19T23:11:58.080
Which ones particularly?
PhDMan says2014-01-20T20:53:47.717
Freud's theories were only a starting point in psychology but many of his theories are considered bunk in today's world. I work in the mental health industry and learned hundreds of theories. Back in the day Freud put forward some interesting views that fostered exploration in the science of psychology. Freud approached psychology from a psychoanalytic perspective which slowly grew and was embraced. On the other hand numerous theories such as the Oedipus Complex and penis envy is considered junk in today's psychology. So it comes down to which exact theories should we agree with.