• Yes we should.

    We should aim for zoos without cages. This will lead to a much better life for the animals inside the zoos and will probably make for a better zoo experience. The animals will be able to be healthier since they will not be trapped in a small cage for most of their life.

  • Yes, they are more humane.

    Yes, we should aim for zoos without cages, because they are better for the animals. In addition, it is a better experience for people going to the zoo to experience a bunch of animals living together in their natural habitat, rather than to see individual animals that are stuck in cages.

  • Cages are small and tight

    If humans don't live in cages than why should animals at the zoo. You could have an enclosed area for the animal to run but definitely not in a metal bar cage. Owls should not be in cages because the zoos can just clip there wings. Peace out t t

  • They need their space

    They need their space to fly and to walk around. To many zoos do not give enough space for these poor animals. These animals need plenty of room to move and do their business. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .

  • I Agree 100%

    I think it is very cruel for animals to be stuck in cages. I am not in favor of zoos at all but you do make a good point though. I think the zoo is a great place to come and look at animals but it is cruel what they do to them. So just until now I haven't realized or thought about that idea. Good Point!

  • Yes, I think we should aim for zoos without cages.

    Yes, I think we should aim for zoos without cages. That being said, I think there is a huge difference between "cages" and "enclosures". I think that we should give animals enclosures that are similar to their natural habitat, and give them plenty of room. Without some sort of an enclosure it's no longer a zoo, but a nature preserve.

  • We Should Aim For Zoos Without Cages

    Yes, we should aim for zoos without cages. If we as a society are going to imprison animals so that we may view them, then we should do everything possible to make the animal's habitat as close to its natural one. Thus we should aim for zoos that do not have cages.

  • Yes use glass instead

    I really like zoo. But I don't like zoos that give me feeling that animals are in prison. I think they should replace all the fences with glass. Also I think enclosures should be more natural. Zoo are good for animals. They protect them from poacher, they feed them and provide them food. If there wasn't zoo Arabian oryx would have got extinct.

  • Ban Zoos Altogether

    Should we aim for zoos without cages? I maintain that zoos without cages are not what the US needs. It needs to ban zoos. Even the best zoos are dirty, inhumane, and dangerous. They are an unkind and unnatural environment for the animals that live there and an unnatural and dangerous environ for visitors and keepers alike. Zoos are a perversion of nature, full of accidents waiting to happen... and too often actually happening. Ban all zoos. Make it illegal to confine any animal so that it lives its life in captivity, on display for people to watch. If we wish to look at animals there are plenty of nature programs on TV.

  • Depending on the area

    I am in between yes and no on this question. In some area zoos can accommodate animals without enclosing the animals in cages. In some areas this is not possible. As long as the animals are healthy, happy, and have room that is appropriate it should not be an issue, but cages should only be used if they are necessary.

  • Dangerous For Patrons

    I believe a zoo without cages would be hazardous to communities and the patrons of the zoo. Animals often found in zoos are apt to roam far and wide and regardless of the size of an enclosure, it to me, is still considered a cage. I believe animals should have ample amounts of space and appropriate habitats provided for them, but cage-less zoos are probably impossible.

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