• Im gonna say the N word

    Let me say the N word and also subscribe to PEWDIEPIE for quality content and BIG CHUNGUS will personally give you the N word pass for all your N word saying needs also sub to Mr Beast and do not forget to let others say the n word please thxx.

  • I don't understand how its really that bad.

    I don't understand why only black people can nigger and or nigga. Everybody acts like it's the end of the world when a white person says it. Granted it seems weird coming from a white person. But still if anybody can say any other words then why is the n word so different. Now, I don't know if this is right but in the US have the right of freedom of speech. So if we have that right then that allows us to say the n word. Most of the time teens and young adults only use that word when they mess around. Its just a word, If its not harmful to a white person when a black person says it then it shouldn't be harmful to a black person when a black person says it. Ok, If its not hurting anyone physically or emotionally and we only say it to our friends when we mess around, Then anyone has the right to use this word.

  • Yes, For sure

    Most people think that the n word should be left alone and is forbidden because it has history. But so does every other word too? So we can say stuff like zipperhead, Faggot, Etc. But not nigger? It baffles me honestly. By acknowledging the power you don’t want it to have then you’re just directly handing it the ability to be racist. Smh, Femmies these days.

  • Not so much a matter of if it can be said so much as it is a common courtesy

    The argument that I think that they are trying to convey here is on whether it should be said. No one should be impeded from saying anything, It just doesn't fit with natural law to be punished for what is spoken word. That being said, There is an element of common courtesy and social contract breaching by having said it. If you know that you are going to make people angry by saying it, Make an effort to refrain. In regards to can you say it, Sure, It only makes sense and to punish someone for it would be unjust. But also keep in mind that people, Whether consciously or subconsciously, Will lose respect and dislike you for it. Feelings should not dictate what we can say, But it sure can influence the way that people see us.

  • Yes definitely maybe

    Assuming we impose frontal lobotomies on everyone, Yes although we should not over use it or it losses its sting and shock value. After all we need the PC victim industrial complex to keep on chugging along right? The country of Niger sure has gotten its fame from this word.

  • Right to free speech does not depend upon the feelings of others.

    What people say may create consequences. Feelings may get hurt. However, Whether people get hurt is there problem. Our freedom of speech should not be limited just because people may get hurt.

    Animosity or even a fist fight may occur. But that is beside the point. Cultural hindrance should not exist to limit our freedom.

  • Question makes no sense

    We are all able to say the n word as long as we are not mute or mentally retarded. What's really up for debate is whether we should be punished for saying it. The first amendment safeguards our right to say whatever we want as long as it doesn't pose an immediate threat, Which of course includes the n word.

  • Years of slavery isn't something you can forgive and forget.

    Under no circumstance is the word okay to use. It's been used for years to insult and dehumanize. And is still holds the same meaning. Why would you need to call someone that? It's hate speech you don't need to use it at all under any situation. Just in general why do you need to insult anyone?

  • The N-word carries an overbearing history of suffering and racist baggage

    Anyone who uses the word is aware of its racist implication. White people used the word as a discriminatory term towards black people for centuries. It was historically used by white people to dehumanize African Americans yet every time debate of whether you should use the N-word or not comes up many people who are not black feel entitled to explain its objectionable import away. Let me ask you, Why would you ever want or need to say the N-word? You may say 'What about the constant use of it in rap and hip-hop songs? ' or 'What about the African Americans who call each other that word all the time? ' All that sounds like to me is justification for non-black to use the word. The N-word carries an overbearing history of suffering and racist baggage, It is simply not acceptable to use. Sometimes things really are just that black and white.

  • No your wrong

    What are all of you saying the words zipperhead and faggot and nigger are all offensive and no one should say nigger when black people say it we mean as whats good g we have no hate in the word but then when white people say it there is always another meaning under it because people like you have no culture and that why your mad

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