• If you are so proud of it, be a 100% non vegetarian.

    If you can't cut your dog and eat it for dinner, if you can't cut your mother and serve her for lunch (someone said humans also die), then you are made to be a vegetarian. Some animals are bred to be eaten, so the entire "animal population will increase if they are not consumed" is wrong. Thinking that way, human population is the most on earth now, so why don't you kill them and eat?
    Some theories that talk about the economic impact that "meat breeders will go out of jobs" are wrong. They will simply switch to breed what people eat - vegetables.
    Nature is giving us clear signs to stay away from meat. Our long canine teeth are gone, so is the appendix.
    People who say there is no protein in veg food should may be stop eating meat so the animal fat on their brains can subside and they can think. Ever heard of legumes?
    And the argument that plant also has life - yes we know they have a life. When you eat something that can grow back (a brinjal or a mango), it is not called killing. I hope your chicken legs grow back once you eat them.
    If you are so proud of being a non vegetarian, we challenge you to become a 100 %non vegetarian. Don't include any vegetable in your diet.
    If you can't think of the pain an animal feels when it is being killed, may be you will be subjected to the same pain some day. Good luck.

  • Everyone deserves to live.

    Just because animals can't speak English, or cry, doesn't mean that they don't know what's going on. Life is precious, and we don't live very long, so we need to LIVE. Imagine knowing since the moment you were born that when you got to a certain age you were going to die? How would that make you feel?

  • Killing other living beings is against law of nature:

    The respected souls who are living in human body were don't have any rights to disturb/torture/kill the other souls who are living in other kind of living bodies (fishes, snake, birds, cow, goats, pigs etc). It is purely against the law of nature/god.
    We have to survive the life only by eating plants and vegetables. They dont feel any pain. But others feel extreme pain/fear if we kill them by cutting their necks for food. Do u have any rights to kill other living beings??? They also came to this planet to live like us. But humans are ruling crores and crores of other living creatures.

  • I agree with the motion: we should all be vegetarians

    The way people mass produce meat is wrong, and disgusting. Moreover, eating meat can give you many diseases some of which are serious. Furthermore, you wouldn't slaughter humans and eat them, so why do it to animals like chickens? Watch this video, this is how they mass produce animals. (click the following link) it is disgusting and vile. They grow CHICKS and throw them around, put them through machines, then grow them until they are adults. There they put them on racks and send them to the SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Once they arrive they hook their feet to a rack and put them through various machines until they slit their throats, and slowly cut them up. At one point they RIP not CUT, their heads off. Eating meat is WRONG, do not eat meat. WATCH THE VIDEO

  • One hundred-thousand times, yes!

    YES!!! We should all be vegetarian, primarily VEGAN.


    You live longer. You live stronger. You stay fit. You stay thin(ner). Your outer beauty is a reflection of your inner health, therefore you're more ATTRACTIVE. Our massive meat consumption is K-I-L-L-I-N-G us. Aside from that, animals are our equals. They deserve to live just as much as we do. 300 years ago, abolishing slavery in this country would have been unthinkable & a joke, to say the least. There is strong medical evidence that proves that the consumption of meat and animal products is UNHEALTHFUL and CANCER-CAUSING.

    Bottom line, I really hope someday we all go vegetarian. That is the only way we could ever even get close to having a peace on earth.

  • It should be true.

    It should be true. There is the oil from animals and oil from vegetables but, animal oil could cause a result of diabetes or a heart-attack. Vegetable oils cause no harm and + it i simply cheaper than animal oil. What about other people who are poor, they could simply grow vegetables but not have the weapons to kill animals. There are no animals even beside their villages

  • The Morons On The Other Side Are Probably Brainwashed Fools

    I have been a vegetarian almost my entire life. Everyone should be vegetarian. There is no reason people should consume meat. Also, eating meat should not be a "choice" either because those people are polluting our planet and killing animals. People only have a choice for anything as long as they are not harming anybody or anything else around them with their choice. People are harming everything and everybody else when they eat meat either directly or indirectly. Therefore, meat should be banned and everyone should be required to be vegetarian. Eating meat should be illegal.

  • Lets be vegetarians

    We can argue that it would be better for the environment if we all became vegetarians. Firstly the endangered species that we would be eating such as salmon and certain other types of fish will all be able to reproduce more and have their population grow rather than us all consuming them first. We could also live a healthier life with just fruits and breads and we could get our protein elsewhere

  • Vegetarianism is the best

    People are drawn to vegetarianism by all sorts of motives. Some of us want to live longer, healthier lives or do our part to reduce pollution. Others have made the switch because we want to preserve Earth’s natural resources or because we’ve always loved animals and are ethically opposed to eating them.
    Thanks to an abundance of scientific research that demonstrates the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, even the federal government recommends that we consume most of our calories from grain products, vegetables and fruits. And no wonder: An estimated 70 percent of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers, are related to diet. A vegetarian diet reduces the risk for chronic degenerative diseases such as obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate, stomach, lung and esophageal cancer.

  • I am a bit afraid...

    All good arguments have already been put forward. Let's face it - the only counter arguments are "But it tastes good." and "Animals eat each other as well." What is kind of frightening, because all of the arguments on the right side could be equally applied positively to the question "Should we eat humans?".

    Seriously, check it yourself. It would prevent over-population, it might taste good, it might be healthy, humans would die anyway... No argument of those defending consumption of meat is one, that would prevent your strange neighbour from coming into your house and eat you alive. If all the non-vegetarians weren't on top of the food chain, I guess they'd have quite different views on eating other sentient animals.

  • Meat is awesome

    Meat is awesome 1. Should we be vegetarians
    2. Meat gives us protein
    3. Tastes better
    4. You guys might say it’s cruel to animals but that’s life
    A. Born
    B. Learn
    C. Grow
    D. Die
    E. Even humans die
    5. You’re wasting your time waiting for the plants to grow then you just eat them
    6. Butchers will lose their jobs
    7. No more kebabs 
    8. Vegetables are super ultra mega ancient legendary boring

  • Meat is awesome

    1. Should we be vegetarians
    2. Meat gives us protein
    3. Tastes better
    4. You guys might say it’s cruel to animals but that’s life
    A. Born
    B. Learn
    C. Grow
    D. Die
    E. Even humans die
    5. You’re wasting your time waiting for the plants to grow then you just eat them
    6. Butchers will lose their jobs
    7. No more kebabs 
    8. Vegetables are super ultra mega ancient legendary boring

  • Do what you want as long as you're not harming anyone, but....

    The strange thing is, if we should all be told to stop eating meat because it's harmful to animals, then we might as well stop living. I don't believe that even complete vegetarians are living without harming other life. Plants are alive just like animals are, and we harm plants constantly. In fact, everything around us comes from the same place, we're all made of the same stuff... Even kicking the wall and cultivating the earth can be considered a harmful act. I don't see anything wrong with killing and eating animals as long as it's done the right way, meaning that the animals are cares for and given good, proper, healthy lives, as full as they can be, and then put to death as painlessly as possible and honored after their deaths. Hell, I'd be fine with a life like that myself! In that case we'd be doing certain animals a favor, animals that are adjusted to the life of what is called "livestock". The problem is that we do not treat the vast majority of our livestock with the proper respect they deserve, the least we could do for eating them after death, and this is what needs to change and which ultimately would be better for our health as well.

  • No, what we eat is a personal matter.

    No, we should not all be vegetarians. The choice to eat meat or not is very personal, and should not be imposed on us by anyone. In addition, everyone becoming vegetarian would have a large, negative impact on the economy, as entire industries would be forced to shut down. That would result in huge job losses, and an economic crisis.

  • I am vegetarian but no

    If we all become vegetarians then there will be a shortage of plants and too many animals. The food chain is too sensitive for s to go from eating millions of animals per year to eating none. What would we do with all that extra population? We'd have to kill some of them off, and if they are going to be dead they might as well get eaten.

  • No to vegetarians

    We should not all be vegetarians because in the end, what we eat is entirely our choice, however it could be better for the environment if we all ate less meat because of one of the main causes of global warming is methane, produced by cows. But that is no reason for us to stop eating meat all together, because by breeding these animals we are giving them a life.

  • I feel sorry for vegetarians.

    Not for them a juicy, tender rib-eye steak served with Béarnaise sauce. Not for them a flavoursome rack of BBQ pork ribs. Not for them a lamb shank with rosemary gravy and mint jelly. Not for them roast venison with all the trimmings. Not for them crispy aromatic duck with hoi-sin sauce.

    No, the poor vegetarians can’t even eat wafer-thin sliced ham. Maybe one day they’ll discover a cure for vegetarianism.

  • I think no

    1.) It's good to maintain our differences and diversity
    2.) Only eating veggies doesn't help with the environment, I'm sorry. In my logic, it would only kill more animals. If we eat all the plants, the herbivores don't eat, if the herbivores don't eat and die, then the carnivores don't get to eat, and they die. You might say, 'we don't eat the plants they do' yeah sure, but what if the adventurous people start trying exotic greens? Also, about the water thing, it's a cycle. We drink the water, it goes down the toilet into the ocean, and turns into rain, and turns into the water we drink.
    3.) Scientists and all those people keep on saying that humans are superior. The super beings eat only vegetables. Ridiculous.
    4.) Cheaper? No. The prices are going to raise once everybody turns into a vegetarian.
    5.) Sure, everyone deserves to live, so stop saying that some movie stars should just go and die. It's the same concept.
    6.) We domesticate animals do eat them and use them (cows give beef, leather, and milk). If you think we're also cruel because we use them for our handbags, then all those big stores; Gucci, Coach, etc. Are gonna close down. Butchers are gonna be out of jobs too, which just makes an economic crisis.
    7.) Vegetables prevent diseases. Sure, it's kind of true, but the next thing you know, there's gonna be people selling fake lettuce and there're gonna be new diseases caused by only eating vegetables.
    8.) Our ancestors ate meat, so do we. Why should we change that? It's part of who we are.

  • No, we should not all be vegetarians.

    Not only is food preference a personal choice, but it is something that many people (including myself) take a great amount of pleasure in. Why limit yourself to something that isn't necessarily better for you? There's plenty of alternatives to mass produced, farm raised (and potentially abused) animals if your conscience is bothering you. In terms of health effects, studies have shown again and again that a strict vegetarian diet does not provide you with enough vitamin B12 in your diet which can lead to heart disease, for starters.

  • No we should not.

    We need meat to live it is in our diet and if we do stop someone will have to find a relation fast. So i think that we should not become vegetarians until we find another food that is like meat.

    I am a 11 year old boy by the way so if you think it is bad then just keep that in mind.

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