Should we allow an Artificial Intelligence to exist in our Internet?

Asked by: Speakerfrthedead
  • More beneficial to humans

    This artificial intelligence will have a greater knowledge than any human when it has access to the internet. It can make technological, medical breakthroughs when it uses its intelligence to help humans. Of course, such an A.I could turn against us. But why would such a knowledgeable A.I do anything to harm humans? It does not have the same emotions as we do because it exists in a non-physiological way. And this A.I would also be a better web search engine than Google and be much more helpful to people who ask specific questions.

  • Stopping progress is a sin.

    Again, the title says it all. Just because its an artificial intelligence doesn't mean it is malicious, it doesn't mean it intends to harm us. Even if it did, we are humankind, and we are NOT MORONS. Do you have so little faith in humanity that you would be willing to stop the greatest technological advancement since the internet itself? We know how to defend our networks. There are just too many benefits to be missed, and if you say no, I have a piece of advice for you. Stop watching sci-fi. Just a thought.

  • Transcendence the movie

    As in the movie I believe that it would harm humanity more that benefiting it. As seen in tests in the 90's the first thing an A.I. Will try to do is try to escape. An A.I. Not connected would be better. It would help at first but eventually it would turn

  • Think People, think

    I'm sorry but Technology does have to stop becoming better and better.
    Computers should never be able to think for themselves.

    The lack of emotions is pretty much what makes it even worse- no Morals, no empathy = why do we need humans, why do we listen to them? =/

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-04-21T01:22:54.323
How is AI defined? Do chat robots count?
Zac101 says2014-04-24T12:54:36.947
AI is really only self thinking technology. But Developers for games and other things use the word AI because it is a simple replacement for explaining all the different set values in a program...And for the reasons that program got to that outcome, if you play games for example a NPC may react different if a certain value is present or not (lets say Knife) that is not AI but programming AI would be if the NPC could just do what it wants to lol.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-04-24T16:06:37.160
@Zac101: In terms of game programming, I think AI only refers to computer opponents reacting to users' actions (e.G. In strategy games). I've never heard anyone use the term AI to explain NPCs' responses.