Should we allow automated cars to drive on the road.

Asked by: worriedmonkey
  • Making better our driving

    We are concern about auto driving system. Because it's not safety.
    Tesla challenge is field they create auto driving car but it is not perfect.
    I want to drive on high way because high way not need handling care about people. We can spend more relax time. BMW and Benz try auto driving car too.

  • Yes, But in a limited manner.

    Automated cars are still a developing technology, And as such, Should be used and tested in a limited manner before hitting the mainstream market. While a promising field, Work still has to be done in order to avoid incidents that have occurred in the past with the technology and to adjust all the technicalities of the technology.

  • There's good reason to let cars be automated

    - More concern to safety
    - Little to no driver error
    - Current tech is making great strides in improving the attentiveness of on board systems
    - Much more abiding of laws
    - Much more abiding of others
    - So far they've even found ways to keep blind spots checked!

    There are even more reasons I believe they are indeed the future.

  • Hacking is more simple to take advantage off

    If we let cars to be automated we are more prone to attacks everywhere. Refer to the movie fast and the furious and 8 prove that letting cars be automated could be a threat to everyone. Automated cars could also have malfunctions that can cause deaths and even worse accidents

  • We shouldn´t do it yet.

    There is unsafe technology and we also have time to develop. If something goes wrong while your sleeping in the drivers seat is very is risky. Also there have been a lot of incidents and the automated car isn't approved by the government. So no until later. Thank you so much!

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