Should we allow blood transfusions and banking?

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  • Give without expecting anything in return

    Through the work of Charles R. Drew, blood transfusions took off early in WW2 and were able to save thousands of allied forces. They continue to save lives through red cross and other organizations today. However, some people believe that giving blood is immoral because they see it as a selfish act. They think that since they would never want to take anyone else's blood that they don't have to give any. This is the same logic as not giving money just because you don't have enough. The women in the temple gave 2 cents to God which was all the money she had. She knew it was the right thing to do and that she may never receive any money here on earth even though she really should have been the one to receive any donations in her society. I believe we should give blood even if we may never need it in the future. We should not give blood because we may need some in return in the future, but because it is the right thing to do and just might save someone's life. It doesn't matter if that person is our enemy. You never know if your enemy may just be the person to have saved your life if you ever have a blood transfusion.

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