• Lets chew gum!

    We should allow the chewing of gum during class time. Research has proven that children are able to concentrate more effectively when they are chewing gum. Some schools allow gum chewing during tests. Why not allow the children to chew gum during lecture as well? Anything that helps concentration during class is a good thing.

  • Students NEED chewing gum!

    Look, At school students talk in class for one particular reason, Boredom. . . Chewing gum will not only scratch that problem, But give them focus and a feeling of freedom, As they are not usually able to chew during class. This might encourage them to learn and for them to be proud of themselves.

  • Chew thy gum

    Chewing gum helps your memory improve and it also helps you focus while you're studying. Chewing gum helps to relieve stress and relax.
    Peppermint flavored gum could help you not make careless mistakes. Studies have shown that peppermint flavored and can help reduce the tendency to make small careless mistakes.

  • Chewing gum can help you get a better grade on a test

    When you chew a gum for example juicy fruit when you study for a test,on that test day you pop a juicy fruit in your mouth and then your good to go because when you chew the gum it brings back your memory from when you were studying you can actually get a better grade then the person who didn't chew the gum.

  • Students should be allowed to chew gum!

    Student should be allowed to chew gum. I know because as a student my self when I chew gum it prevent me from talking. Furthermore it helps you stay focused. It also stops you from disrupting the lecture with banter and communicating with your peers. These are a few of the various reasons why schools should permit students to chew gum during and in school campus.

  • Science supports it.

    As people have already mentioned, studies have shown that chewing gum can help kids concentrate in class. Another similar reason is because studies have also shown that chewing the same type of gum during tests as during studying (especially unusual flavors) can help kids remember more study material. This is because the brain attributes more senses to the material it is taking in.

  • Gum helps us out

    When students chew gum, they are able to focus more. Especially during exams. If you use mint gum, it is supposed to help you remember stuff you have studied easier. We also should be able to chew gum because it increases blood flow to the brain. Studies have shown that it may be even an anti-depressant. So please LET US HAVE GUM!

  • Gum Chewing Should be Allowed in School.

    Gum chewing is very very useful based on what duck_swag1 said. I just want to add on because it keeps you from getting angry and helps you stay calm in class if you have anger control problems because everybody in the class wants calm based on common sense. It also applies to taking standardized tests.

  • We should chew gum during class

    We should chew gum in class because it helps us consecrate and it taste great. It keeps us from talking and I say that if you do chew gum you should spit it out properly or ells you will lose you gum privileges for a week. It also makes you jaws strong too so just think teachers let your students chew gun in class.

  • Cause cause cause

    Kids are being un haelthy in school now a days . People have to go to the office after they get sick from gum chewing . Mothers and fathers have tio pick up there kids and they cant pick up because they have work during there class hours . This is all caused because of gum

  • Deadly,addictive,and unhealthy for you.

    Sientists have found that most gum is sugar free gum which means that they have artiffitial sweeteners that can contain chemicals that can cause cancer cells to grow in your body.For little kids we have small bodies so the cancer can spread faster and is more deadly and dangerouse for people with small bodies.

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