• Children should be treated like an adults like voting

    Children are already voting in the schools.
    This means that children are voting in schools for the class executive election. This allows us to children are ready for voting and they know about the voting rules, So we can make children can also vote.
    For example, In our school, We are voting for the executive for our class. We are voting with our hands, So we know the rules and how to vote.
    Because children are already voting in the schools, We should allow children to vote for the country.

  • Yes of course.

    Children are really just a mature as adults. Adults are hardly fit to do anything. Abolish the traditional family and children will sure as hell be mature enough to vote! This can eventually lead to the creation of a free society! Children didn't vote for Hitler/trump/Bush/or any other ass hole who you may support at least let teenagers vote! Teenagers are adults we need more young people in politics! Society can change so teenagers can act like adults! Teenagers will act like adults when you treat them like adults! Long live the glorious age of youth rights! Long live the revolution! YOUTH RIGHTS!

  • Perhaps it would result in better government!

    Although i have always supported the idea of 16 year olds being given the right to vote i was originally opposed to it being lowered further. However, With everything that has happened and seeing multiple governments fail or mess up, I am actually now wandering if it might be a good idea. It is often forgotten but children will sometimes have better ideas then adults and (who knows) maybe even have better solutions? I doubt it could be much worse!

  • As a child, I think I am owed a say in this matter.

    Firstly, Most children are far smarter than they are given credit for. Children have voices and opinions, Many of which are well thought out. People like to pretend that eighteen is a magical number, After which you suddenly gain all this experience and knowledge. This is not true, Eighteen is just a number! At the very least, Governments of the world should take a long, Hard look at the number eighteen and ask themselves why this is the voting age, Why not sixteen or seventeen or twelve for that matter.
    All of this is not to say that children should unilaterally be allowed to vote in national elections. I believe that children's voices should be heard more in the following ways:
    1. Lower the voting age to sixteen. This is a reasonable step as who's to say eighteen-year-olds are so much more mature than sixteen-year-olds.
    2. Introduce a child parliament/congress/legislature. Children should have a chance to elect other children to represent them in the same way an adult would. This child legislature would propose ideas and talk to the real legislature but not be able to pass laws.
    3. Introduce an education system that teaches students critical thinking. The reason kids regurgitate their parents beliefs is because they haven't been taught to question them. Children should also be taught the platforms of different parties and be exposed to differing viewpoints.
    Children should be seen AND heard, Because we are human beings and citizens equal to any adult.

  • Their minds aren't fully developed.

    A person's brain doesn't stop growing and maturing until they're in their 20's. A child is, Frankly, Less intelligent than an adult and far less mature. That much goes without saying.

    A child is as likely to vote for a candidate based on some superficial quality (such as the candidate wearing the child's favorite color) as they are to watch cartoons on Saturday morning. Not to mention the malleability of a child's brain can be weaponized in a democratic vote. If the child's parents tell them to vote for a certain candidate, They will surely do it. That's not a vote that the candidate earned.

  • They don't have a clue.

    First of all, The most important thing to them is what color shirt to wear. They do not have any idea about politics, Budget, Foreign policy, Taxes, Insurance and other important issues. The child's major influence is their parents. The parent teaches their beliefs to the child at a young age and the child doesn't have the opportunity to learn about other ideas or points of view. They have no idea about the difference between liberal and conservative points of view at such a young age. They think every thing should be given to them which it true early in life but they need to learn that they are responsible for their choices later on as they hopefully become mature members of society.

  • Entities incapable of independent thought should not have a vote.

    For the vast majority of childhood, Children simply parrot the opinions of their parents without any sort of critical examination. It typically isn't until after puberty that children tend to subject their beliefs to critical analysis. Additionally, The brain doesn't end development until the early twenties, So children are less prepared to comprehend complex and nuanced ideas the younger they are.

    While this isn't a significant factor in isolated environments with low stakes, Like classroom elections, In a real political system this would result in parents with many children essentially receiving extra votes until their children age enough to become independent thinkers.

    The consequences for this idea would be disastrous and would undermine the principle that every individual should get a single vote, As some individuals would in effect receive extra votes. Excessive weight would be given to cultures that promote large families, And to older demographics that have children who can lend them extra votes. It would exclude cultures with few children, And would disenfranchise younger people, As well as any other people who do not have children.

    The voting age should never be lower than 16, And my personal opinion is that it should match the general age of majority in my nation of 18.

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